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5 Most Incredible Ancient Artifacts

[box_dark]The Saqqara Bird: An Egyptian Plane[/box_dark] This amazing piece of art was discovered in the 1898 excavation of the Pa-Dilmen tomb in Saqqara, Egypt. This is as the name suggests a bird shape artefact made of wood from sycamore tree. With a weight of just 40 grams and a wingspan of about 7 inches, this marvellous piece dates back to 200 B.C. There are many questions that have come into being on discovering this marvellous piece of art. Was this a simple toy of an affluent Egyptian child or did it serve some specific ceremonial purpose? However this artefact does not resemble any bird that present day humans know about. [box_dark]The Nazca Drawings[/box_dark] The Nazca drawing lines seem to be from a different world altogether. Discovered in the year 1930, these drawings cover approximately an area of approximately 450 sq. kms. and measure about 200 meters in length. The drawings depict lines, geometric figures and animal shapes which are not clearly known to mankind. These amazing figures still make the scientists wonder why did the bunch of people called Nasca created these and who had guide them on these as they resemble constellations. [box_dark]The Dropa Stones[/box_dark] A very astonishing discovery was made in 1938 in an expedition done in Baian-Kara-Ula in China. The caves held traces of the civilizations that once occupied them. Stone discs in 9 inches diameter were found which are believed to be as old as 10,000 years old. These spirals composed of tiny hieroglyphics when studied and translated unfolded amazing stories of spaceships and that crashed into mountains. These spaceships were piloted by people who called themselves Drona.  [box_dark]The Antikythera Mechanism – A Greek Ancient Computer[/box_dark] This is the first known mechanical computer of its kind. The device is extraordinary and the only thing of its kind. The beautiful design, right astronomy and carefully designed mechanics make you wonder at this. Truly more precious than a Monalisa painting. [box_dark]The London Hammer[/box_dark] This wonder hammer was discovered in the year 1936 by a couple. Emma and Max Hahn noticed a rock with wood protruding out and when they cracked and took it home they found an archaic hammer of sorts. The hammer dated back to 400 million years old. The hammer’s head is made with 96% of iron. The material is pure than anything nature could have achieved.    ]]>


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