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5 Incredible Videos that you never knew existed

Sometimes unimaginable occurrences and events go unnoticed while some are witnessed by human eyes but there are very few ones specially old and rare footages that have been captured on camera! Given below are 5 of the most incredible videos in the world that you never knew existed! getimage.exe Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse – Dancing Bridge Video 1940 One of the most incredible videos ever, the Tacoma Narrows bridge Collapse is also popularly known as the Dancing Bridge Video due to the footage of the narrow and slender steel ribbon bridge elegantly and gracefully moving like a wave in a gail before it collapsed into Puget Sound. Opened on 1st July 1940, this bridge which appeared like a slender steel ribbon became famous as the ‘Most dramatic Failure in Bridge Engineering History’ after its disastrous end just 4 months later on 7th November 1940.  The video is a footage of the bridge ‘dancing’ in the windstorm and then collapsing into the waters below. Photo Journalist’s Video of Own death A recent video that is truly incredible in its content, taken by a photo journalist shooting the unrest in Cairo, Egypt captures the moment of his own sudden death! Ahmed Assem El-Senousy, who was covering the bloody Cairo clashes in Egypt started filming a soldier firing form a nearby rooftop. The soldier suddenly turned left pointing the rifle directly at Senously. A moment later the video footage collapses as the camera drops! According to the autopsy reports the journalist was shot through his face. World War I Arial Footage There are a few footages available from the First World War however, this one is an incredible and rare arial footage taken by a French pilot who filmed the true devastation of the war from his airship flying around North France post November 1918. Found almost a century later from a vault in Paris, this video shows the blown up cities, trench remains and people trying to rebuild lives from ruins. NASA New Moonwalk Video You might not yet know about it but recently NASA has restored the 1969 Apollo 11 Neil Amstrong landing on the moon video. The original film being rare footage in itself, the new restored version by NASA is undoubtedly one of the most incredible videos of all times showcasing one of the most incredible moments in the history of mankind! Japanese Balloon Bomb Yet another rare and incredible video that nobody really knows of is a declassified US Navy training film dating back to 1945 that shows how balloon Bombs were created and thereafter launched from Japan so that they land and detonate in North America!]]>


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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