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5 Green tips to reduce printing cost


Printers use paper to a great extent and also it plays an important role in our life. We use printer for printing newspaper, exam sheets, books, application and online tickets and the list goes on. So it is necessary to reduce the usage of paper and also the printing cost. In recent years cost of printing is on the rise, so to reduce the cost we have to follow certain ecofriendly ways.

To reduce the cost we have considered few things, they are Ink paper, printers and usage. We can reduce directly by making adjustments in printer related things or indirectly by making changes in energy supply.

1. Printer settings

One of the best and easy way to reduce the cost is changing the printer settings. We have to select the printer properties based on the printing subject. The subject may be black and white, text document only, text with picture or picture only. Also based on output quality needed, we can change the properties and we can save the ink. Even if we save little amount of ink for each page, we can reduce the cartridge usage to a certain extent for large amount of pages. Since the ink is made from lot of chemicals, it also reduces the pollution indirectly. Thus the cost reduces.

2. Recycle your cartridges after use

Every year around 70 million cartridges are dumped in to land, once its lifetime is over. As it takes more than 1000 years for the plastic to decompose, we have to reduce the usage of cartridges and we have recycle. If we reuse or recycle it, the pollution level will decrease and also expense of buying the cartridge will decrease. We can do many things with that empty cartridge. They can be refilled and used for printing. Also some companies are buying the empty cartridges for less amount so we can sell and earn money. We can also sent the old empty cartridges to Recycling centers, so it will be recycled to make some equipments. We can buy the refilled cartridges for less cost in the market.

3. Print as per your requirement

This is the most important motto to reduce the cost. We have to decide how many pages we are going to print and how much is needed. We should not print in excess or unnecessarily because it will be waste of time, power, ink, paper, and man power. Before printing large number of copies take a sample and check everything is right or not and then print remaining copies. Without checking if we print the copies with mistake then it will be a waste. Since more number of trees are cut down every day we have to use the paper effectively and also it reduces the cost in many ways.

4. Use renewable energy for printing

Big printing presses can use renewable energy like solar energy or windmill energy for printing. Since they print in bulk quantities, it will be great advantage for them. Cost of energy will be less and also it’s ecofriendly. Also we have to switch off the printers when it is not in use. It will reduce our electricity bill and also increases the printers lifetime. Not only the printers, we should put off the lights and fans in the working area. Use energy efficient printers for printing. Thus it reduces the printing cost indirectly.

5. Print double side

We can opt for double side printing, whenever possible. It will save tonnes of paper in the long run and also the paper buying expense. If we print double side, our expense will reduce to half and so we can use that money for developing the business or for some other purposes. Another way of reducing the paper usage is to reduce the text font. If we reduce the text font we can reduce the number of papers needed. But we should not make them into an unreadable form.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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