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5 famous inventors that were killed by their own inventions

pilatre 1. First ever air balloon kills inventor The inventor: Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier The invention: Rozière Balloon The fateful day: June 15, 1785 The accident French physics and science teacher Pilâtre de Rozier and his assistant Pierre Romain were testing the Rozière balloon and trying to fly over the English Channel. However, their balloon suddenly deflated and the twain crashed in the Pas-de-Calais near Wimereux. They became the first to people in history to die in an air crash ku-xlarge 2. Web rotary printing press inventor gets crushed by his own machine The inventor: William Bullock The invention: the web rotary printing press The fateful day: April 3, 1867 The accident American inventor William Bullock invented the web rotary printing press in 1863. It revolutionized the printed business with its efficiency and speed. However, in April 1867, Bullock’s leg became entangled in the machine while trying to fix it. He died a few days after his gangrene infected leg was being amputated in a Pittsburgh infirmary. franz-reichelt1 3. Parachute Suit kills parachuting pioneer during testing The inventor: Franz Reichelt The invention: the Parachute Suit The fateful day: February 4, 1912 The accident In 1912, the Austrian-born French parachuting pioneer, inventor and tailor decided to test a new parachute “suit” by jumping from the first platform of the Eiffel Tower. Without a safety net below him, the inventor died from major trauma after his parachute failed to deploy and he crashed to the ground. henry fleuss 4. Oxygen Rebreather inventor killed from oxygen poisoning The inventor: Henry Fleuss The invention: closed circuit oxygen rebreather The fateful day: 1876 The accident English inventor Henry Fleuss created the Oxygen Rebreather as a suit that can be used by repairmen to fix a flooded vessel’s chamber. It used compressed oxygen though Fleuss did not know that pure oxygen becomes toxic to human in pressurized conditions. Hence, when he decided to use the suit for a dive 35 feet under water, it did not end well for him. ottolilienthal 5. Hang glider pioneer killed during glider testing The inventor: Otto Lilienthal The invention: the hang glider The fateful day: August 10, 1896 The accident The German aviation pioneer had all but perfected his hang glider invention when he took his latest prototypes out for testing in Germany’s Rhinow Hills. In his normal glider, Lilienthal reached an altitude of 250 meters in his first three flights. On the fourth flight, the glider stalled and the aviator crashed from a height on 15 meters. It is estimated that he died from internal injuries 36 hours after the crash. Summary: If you are an inventor and you think your product will make you rich, remember to always test it with a dummy first. Else, you could end up on a list of people that were killed by their own inventions too!]]>


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