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5 entryway ideas for a stress free and organized home

foyer An organized entryway is rarely found in any home as believe it or not entryway is the most crowded area of the house. People keep entering and leaving and it is really a tedious job to keep it tidy and organized. However, it is nothing but important to keep the place organized as it affects the look of the entire house and moreover the entryway is the first thing that a person notices about the house. There are ways that can help you to maintain a stress free foyer and what are they you might ask? AAAAAsN70usAAAAAAQwmaw Five ways for a tidy foyer

  • Opt for a seating area: it has many benefits for example it will help the people to wear and take off their shoes in a convenient manner. A bench will also serve the purpose of a storage area as you can stack things under it in a near order. You can always choose the bench that is wall mounted as it will save space and serve the same purpose.
  • Coat hooks: install coat hooks in the foyer as they help to keep the floors clean and tidy. They can be used to hang the coats, scarves and dog leashes or baskets as well.
  • Bins are a wonderful option: with the help of bins you can add a great uniform look to the foyer and you can get a lot of storage area as well. There are many good options available in the market and you can choose them as per your preference. A choice of colorful bins for example will be great as it will look pleasing and you can store things to keep the place tidy and organized.
  • Shelves: another excellent way of tidying the foyer area of the house. They take up less space if they are wall mounted and they extend a wonderful option for additional storage that is always needed in the foyer.
  • A non slip rug is a fine choice: a rug is a must in the foyer and it will be better if the rug is absorbent and of course, none slip one. It will enhance the look of the foyer and will help to keep it clean.
These were some of the tips that you can use to keep the foyer area neat and tidy and also store things there in organized manner.]]>


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