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5 Ecofriendly winter coats for the fashion conscious

MaxJenny Origami jacket

The winter season is back and this time it is estimated to be even more chill than the previous year. With the season to start soon, the winter garments have come into the market with latest designs and cool looks to attract most of the customers. In winters the most preferred are the coats that provide ultimate protection against winter and give us a strong feel of warmth.

These coats are especially made from high quality fabric to block the cool breeze to move into our body. These cool winter coats are a rage these days and are a perfect option to fight against this winter season. No matter what they look like, they are must and some of the coats available in market these days are really gorgeous and look stunning. Moreover some of these coats are made ecofriendly with the latest technology they are made with. So here is a list of five ecofriendly winter coats for the fashion conscious.

1. From Somewhere cocoon cape

‘From Somewhere’ is an awesome brand when it comes to winter coats and have been delivering stunning and gorgeous coats since 1997. The best part of coats made by From Somewhere is that they mostly use ecofriendly elements to make these ultra-cool trendy coats. This cocoon cape made for girls will be a perfect collection item this winter and for what it delivers cannot be ignored. The cool stylish looks and the new trendy design is what makes this coat way above others. So this winter roam around with this coat and show off the world what you have with you. It is priced at just £546.

2. MaxJenny origami jacket

The MaxJenny brand is one of the best brands in the world which is known for their quality and trendy fabrics and their cool designs. One of the coolest range of jackets is the Origami jacket which will be a perfect option for all the girls out there. Made with attractive colors and new unique design, this coat is really high in market and can’t be ignored for what it delivers. It is made completely out of recycled products and the main component involved is PET plastic. This trendy jacket adds a lot to your style statement and you will never be disappointed with this brand. These jackets are so attractive that it’s really hard to take eyes off them. It can add style to anything and matched perfectly with all the outfits. It is available at an affordable price of £455.

3. Minna peggy cape

The designer Minna is known for making extremely beautiful fabrics and mostly uses all recycled products to make her creative creations. And most of the time the recycled products are local and organic. The Peggy cape by Minna is another creative fabric which is completely made out of recycled products. It is made from roll wool ends and it comes along with a quirky wolf brooch. The cool shades and the clear cut shape make this Peggy cape a really cool winter jacket. This will really make you feel warm from inside, whatever be the degree outside. So this winter season, this jacket is what will be the best pick for all the girls. It is priced at just £180.

4. Orla Kiely for people tree trench coat

This Orla Kiely designed coat is really way above in terms of style and comfort. The coast is the thing you need this winter and there is nothing that can match with this ultra-cool coat. It is made completely out of recycled high quality organic and certified cotton. The quality is what makes this coat so special and the brand is what most of the people prefer across the globe. The coat is given attractive color which adds to the beauty of the person who wears it. It is available in cool curry color like mustard which looks ravishing. This derives its look from seventies coat but is way better in terms of comfort and style. It is available at an affordable price of £150.

5. ASOS Africa belted trench coat

This coat is the trend these days and there is nothing better than this coat. More cold and chiller air, this winter has something special in all aspects. This ASOS Africa makes awesome quality coats using completely recycled particles. This has resulted in the production of some excellent and ultra-fashionable and affordable winter coats. The best part of the coat is that it is completely made out of recycled products and is available at cheap prices. And another cool thing is that it matches with everything you wear. They are made with such a design that suits all and matches with everything. It is priced at just £75.

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