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5 crazy wedding ceremonies from around the world

article-2184925-147ED68E000005DC-473_964x671 1. Rainy day wedding Most Asian culture believe that having it rain on one’s wedding day is a sign of good luck. For Ram Campo and Hernelie Ruazol, the blessings turned to be too much when the Manila chapel they were to be married in flooded due to a monsoon downpour. However, the couple made the day their own by tying the knot in ankle deep water in the church. Needless to say their post-wedding kiss picture went viral soon after. 5CD3FB43EE1CCFACE1D7D313FB7868 2. Rappelling Wedding Tie Guangju and Jiang Dezhang work as exterior cleaners as part of a skyscraper’s maintenance crew in Kunming, China. But the duo probably didn’t get a day off to get wedded so they brought their family and friends to their job and got married while rappelling on the side of the building! image.axd 3. Underwater Wedding Giampiero Giannoccaro and Francesca Colombi wanted to incorporate their love of underwater diving into the wedding. So the couple took 261 of their closest friends and family members and dove off the shore of Morcone Beach in Elba Island, Italy. It remains the biggest underwater wedding to date! weightless-wedding_1444318i 4. Zero gravity wedding Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor probably had a hard time finding a suitable venue in New York City so they took their wedding party to the skies and tied the knot a few thousand feet above Gulf of Mexico. Dubbed the first zero gravity wedding in the world, the unusual ceremony saw the entire wedding party and the ceremony performed while flying weightless inside a weightless flight operated by ZERO-G. Wedding At T_Stur(2) 5. Shoe store wedding Self-professed “Maxxinista” Lisa Satayut apparently loves shoes and the store T.J. Maxx so much that she decided that the only place on the face of the entire planet where she could take her Drew Ellis to be her lawfully wedded husband was at the Size 8 Shoe Aisle at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan’s local T.J. Maxx store. Summary: Whether you want your wedding to be very different from anything that you or your friends have seen before or you simply can’t find a good venue for your big day, having an unusual wedding ceremony can certainly help you go viral very easily these day.]]>


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