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5 Animals with Amazing Teeth

97878436 Squid with human teeth Promacthoteuthis sulcus is a type of squid which can give you goose bumps and nightmares at the same time if you look at its surprisingly human like set of teeth. Although it can be a jaw dropping sight to see a set of human teeth in a squid’s mouth, but luckily, these teeth are far less frightening than they look. This is because, this squid’s teeth are actually lips which are folded in such a way that it not only gives the impression of the presence of human like teeth but also conceals powerful beak beneath them. Dragonfish with tongue teeth The teeth of this dragon fish are famous not only for its sharpness but also for its appearance even over the tongue. With a close look at its mouth, you can observe clearly that besides growing teeth in the usual arrangement, it grows equally sharp teeth in its tongue as well. Although, the creature might look terrifying with its mouth wide open and displaying the unusual arrangement of teeth, but on the plus side, it is smaller than a foot and lives in deep waters and in complete darkness. So, it cannot be considered as a threat to human even with those extra teeth in its tongue. Animal with least number of limbs, maximum number of teeth The snails are known to have thousands of teeth in their mouth although they lack limbs and their body is soft, unsegmented and remains enclosed in a shell. This organism from the family of mollusk, despite containing thousands of teeth, cannot chew their food because of their structure. The teeth grow circularly inside the ribbon-like structure of the mouth and they are mainly used to grind their food before digestion. Fish with extremely razor sharp teeth Piranhas are the most famous or rather infamous species of fish which are well-known for their razor sharp teeth and attacking their prey in vicious packs. They are mostly found in the South American rivers, mostly in the Amazon river basin and in 1913, while on a hunting expedition, Theodore Roosevelt witnessed a cow being ripped to shreds within seconds by of group of ferocious Piranhas in the Amazon rainforest. Their unusually triangular and razor sharp teeth allows them to interlock the prey and rip apart their flesh. Poison storing fangs The teeth in the upper jaw of the venomous snakes are hollow for storing venom and injecting it into their prey. They also have smaller teeth in their bottom jaw but they are non-poisonous and are used only for latching onto their prey. The fangs in a snake can be found either erectile or fixed which allows some snakes to put out their fangs only when they strike their victim.]]>

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