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4 most dangerous adventure sports in the world

1. Big Wave Surfing Essentially a discipline within surfing, big wave surfing requires surfers with loads of experience to paddle into the water using specialty surf boards. To qualify as a big wave surfer, you need to chase waves that are at least 6.2 meters or higher. even though the sport seems thrilling enough on TV, it is the riskiest one out there are surfers are often slammed down by the crashing waves and get less than 20 seconds to get back to the surface.


2. Cave Diving Cave diving is just another form of scuba diving though it involves swimming out to underwater caves. the danger with this sport lies in the fact that divers are often led into very restricted swimming spaces and need to retrace their steps back the whole way (instead of shooting straight up) in case of an emergency. images 3. Bull Riding Bull riding may not be the most followed sport around the world, but it is certainly one of the most dangerous ones. In the sport, a rider needs to stay on top of a buckling bull for around 8 seconds while he has nothing but a single rope to hang onto. bull riders not only risk severe spine damage due to the incessant jerking of their bodies, but they also face being trampled to death should they fall down to the ground. 3 4. BMX BMX AKA Bicycle motocross involves racing motocross bicycles on specialized tracks. Even though the bikes and riders are protected against spills and falls, sportsmen involved in such events face more broken bones, broken necks, spinal injuries and brain damages in comparison to other bicycle-based disciplines. 4]]>

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