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15 creative salt and pepper sets

Shaken,Not Stirred

Salt and pepper. The fundamental demands of any recipe. Imagine life without a little bit of salt and spice. There is just one word for it: Blah-and. Then why deprive our dear food of it?

Open a typical recipe book. Most of the matter inside shows ‘Salt and pepper: To taste’. Also,’sprinkling’ is the most common verb used with the mention of salt. Why? This is because when it comes to these basic ingredients, quantity becomes as essential as quality. The amount of salt or pepper added to a dish, can make it, or break it. Excess of anything is bad.

For our white and black basics to be added in a calculated amount, we use our salt and pepper sets, which otherwise lie on the table, functioning for its decoration. Decoration! Well then, why not experiment with the size and shape of these cute little items on the table?

Given below are 15 imaginative ideas for the salt and pepper sets :

1. The Salt-Pepper Cell

Salt and Pepper Cell

”Cell? Must be a misprint.” That’s what anybody would think if we use the word cell in this context. But no. We are talking out-of-the-box. This item comes in the shape and look of typical batteries. The outside reads the same as any cell would, with the positive and negative terminals marked and also with a top resembling that of the battery, but holed, to sprinkle out its contents. These cells are both creative to look at and practical in serving their function.The hole on it could be very small, making it difficult to wash. It could also get clogged with moisture easily. The cells would not cost you more than $12. Pretty and pretty reasonable.

2. Zen Stones

Zen Stones

We have salt and pepper sets in the form of stones, balanced over one other. The top one holds the salt, the middle stone is for the pepper and the lower one for the sauce. These stones have a very Zen-like look and give your table the ‘spiritual/Buddha’ effect. However, since they are made of Porcelain, they could break easily and require care. The set is available online for $32.

3. Talking Salt and Pepper Sets

The Telephone.

These resemble the ear and mouth pieces of the telephone. Interestingly, these are in fact, the unused parts of real phones. These come with a bakelite base. The set looks immensely cute because of its size. However, the shakers are small and need to be rotated to open or close, which can get in your way at times. The set is available in the market for $80.

4. Keyboard Key Shakers


These come in the shape and size of a computer key. Very small, very creative, these can be used as mini-salt and pepper shakers. Black and white, the salt and pepper keys can be easily identified not only by their color but also by the alphabet they have printed on them. These are available for $10.18 at Xtreme Geek.

5. The Spiced Lady’s Finger


Is this a ring or a shaker? The Spiced lady’s ring, was originally designed by Chao and Eero Jewel. This is actually both a ring and a seasoning shaker. When not worn, it can be used as the most fashionable salt and pepper set. It comes with a small rubber stopper on the other side for filling it with seasoning. Also, this can serve as the perfect gift for your beloved lady. Available for $345.

6. Xoxo Seasoning Shaker


Cute and cuddly, this set shows a zoozoo-like couple hugging one another. Again, it comes in black and white colours to differentiate salt from pepper. It is made of Porcelain. The perfect romantic accessory to have on the table especially if you live with your partner. Available on Amazon for around $15.

7. Cigarette Salt and Pepper Shaker


Lighting it out in the ash tray? Even better, put it off into your food! With the latest design of the shaker in the form of a cigarette, your plate becomes your ash-tray. These are delicate, sleek and even portable, besides being the ideal shape. his set will cost around $30 on popular online shopping sites.

8. Pants Salt and Pepper Set


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is also the way to his pants. Talking dirty? No. We are talking food. This salt and pepper set comes in the shape of pantaloons. Developed by Fred and Friend’s, this one’s quirky and fun to look at and draw salt from. Available for $9.3 on Amazon.

9. Crazy Bulbs

Crazy Bulbs

This set of salt and pepper, comes in the design of the light bulb, with a white body and a silver base. Huge and imposing, these could easily accommodate a lot of salt and pepper inside. Kept upside down, these do not look very different from the ordinary salt shakers. Besides, bulbs do not necessarily spell out elegance. You could use them as a slightly quirkier alternative or simply add them to your collection. Available online for $25.

10. The LEGO Salt Shaker

LEGO cups

The box reads ‘For Ages 5 and above’. Childish? No. Child-like, yes. And why not? With this salt and pepper set, celebrate the spirit of the kid inside you. The set shows the heads of two cute yellow colored LEGO men, which can be detached to pour the contents in and out. These are big, hence do not prove hazardous to children, but make sure you keep the lids away from their reach. Available for $ 39.99 at the LEGO store online.

11. Coffee Mug Salt and Pepper Shakers

It's Coffee Time!

These are made of stainless steel and come in the shape of coffee cups, with a well-holed top to sprinkle out their contents. Being made of steel, these are not prone to breakage and damage. Also, these can adorn your coffee table because of their shapes. Developed by Nambe, the set is available for around $90.

12. Salt and Pepper Plant

The Salt and Pepper Plant

No, we are not talking about any salt-pepper industries. We are talking about the salt and pepper plant. Literally. Developed by Charles and Marie, this set resembles the buds of a plant, rooted in a wooden base. The contents can be sprinkled out through the holes in the porcelain buds. Available at the Charles and Marie website for $30.

13. Acanthus Gold Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gold is New

Gold symbolizes class and grace. So do our gold shakers. These are round, made of 24Kt gold and adorned by Swarovski crystals. Since these are large,
they can store a lot of your salt and pepper for long. However, these are expensive and must be taken out only on (special) occasions. Developed by L’objet, the set costs you $175.

14. Collective Tools Shakers

The Hammer Head

This set comes in the shape of a workman’s tools, more appropriately, the hammer. The stem is made of steel and the hammer head composed of porcelain. The heads come in brown, white and beige colors. Again, a fun item you can have in your collection, but not exactly graceful for a typical dining table. Developed by Iittala, the shakers are available on Amazon for $175.

15. Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker


Yes, this is both scary and eccentric. This set, made of ceramic, contains two detachable hemispheres in the shape of the brain, one for salt and the other for pepper. These two sides can be attached by the little magnets provided on their insides. It is definitely not a treat for the normal guest to see the human brain on the table. However, there are always exceptions to the rule! Available for $13 online.

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