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1,400 year-old Mayan manioc field-find reveals the region’s population-supporting mystery

volcano preserved early mayan manioc field

The nutritious crop manioc was cultivated 1,400 years ago by the people of Mayan village. The village was a victim of nature’s fury — volcanic eruption.

A huge volcanic eruption that buried a Mayan village then, interestingly preserved a manioc field — under 10 feet of ash at the ancient village of Ceren, 15 miles west of San Salvador.

Not just nutritious, the root crop manioc – grown widely in tropical countries produces the greatest tonnage of edible, digestible, pleasant-tasting calories per acre.

The crop amazingly can help answer human starvation as it can grow abundantly on infertile and droughty tropical soils.

This discovery has successfully put an end to the search for the prehistoric Mayan people’s perhaps staple diet, besides their being found to have been growing and eating corn and beans.

The crop’s hardy nature answers what wondered the experts with Manioc’s extraordinary productivity supporting such dense populations! Yes, it straightaway explains how the Classic Maya — at huge Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras sites help provide food to the entire populations.

Besides, 12 buildings at Ceren, like homes, storehouses, workshops, kitchens, religious buildings and a community sauna, the freshly planted 1,400 years old manioc field was the most essential find.

The village’s surviving strategy against the brazen terrain shows way to the future global warming gifted drought-hit world.

Photo: REUTERS/University of Colorado at Boulder/Handout

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