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10 weird pillows for that ‘un’sound sleep

A bad pillow is a bane to a good night’s sleep. But nobody said anything of weird and creepy specimens like the ones that follow? So feel free to go wow! or give free reign to unadulterated disgust as you peruse through this truly eerie bunch.

1. Blood Puddle Pillow

Call it sick, twisted or just plain mind-blowing creative – the Blood Puddle Pillow is definitely worth buying. High on Shock & Awe value, this creation by artist Keetra Dean Dixon makes it appear as if the user has been shot at. Use it at your own peril, and be mindful of some bloodcurdling screams around yourself!

2. Severed Horse Head Pillow

Looking for a way to drive your girl near insane? Look no further. Downright morbid and wicked to the core, this Severed Horse Head Pillow is ironically quite comfortable to sleep on. Side effects include some screams, a few exclaimed “Awesomes” and gut-wrenching sickness.

3. Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow

Is he, like so many others, not the cuddly kind? Do you feel let down, with nobody to hug? Have no fear, as we have the prefect solution in the shape of the Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow. An ever-sympathetic companion for those lonely nights, it is indeed the best shoulder to cry upon.

4. Girlfriend’s Lap Pillow

Comfort and tittilation never came together in a better package. Spawned by the phenomenal success of the above mentioned item of comfort, the Girlfriend Lap Pillow is the perfect answer to those lonely male sighs. Delightfully realistic to touch, it owes its origins to the land of Japan.

5. Zaky Infant Pillow

We all love the little ones. They are all so perfect. Well..almost. When a weeping child wakes you up from deep slumber, there’s problem in paradise. The task is ardous and you need a helping hand. Enter, the Zaky Infant Pillow. An ergonomic pillow for infants, the Zaky is designed to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of a mother’s hand and forearm to help the baby calm down and sleep.

6. Durex Performa Stamina Pillow

Durex Performa condoms contain Benzocaine (an anaesthetic), which reportedly helps men last longer in bed. These limited editon pillow cases were distributed at a sex expo in New Zealand, as a promotional measure to highlight this advantage. The explicitly cheeky pillow cases went on to become a runaway hit.

7. Fresh Salmon Pillow

This eeringly-realistic looking Salmon Pillow is for those who love fish and everything about them. Coming to us from the land of the eccentrically-creative, Japan, this pillow is sure to grab some eyeballs. And, there is nothing fishy about its smell either!

8. The Pillowig

For those who like to be comfortable while on the move, the Pillowig is a hand-made wearable pillow which enables its users to sleep cozily whenever and wherever they would like. Be advised to not mistake it for a kitschy piece of fashionable headgear.

9. ThenCry Pillow

A boon for those who are frequently struck by flu or love to have a good cry more than often, the ThenCry Pillow is a tissue dispenser that sleeps by your side. Your best buddy during low times, the ThenCry pillow can be filled and refilled with your favourite tissues.

10. Possessed Pug Throw Pillow

Celebrate Halloween the whole year around with the Possessed Pug Throw Pillow. Frightening, menacing and green. It’s all you need to lie awake through the night for the fear of it coming to life. Be very scared, be very very scared!

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