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10 Best sea glass jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, after diamonds of course. With elegant pieces adorning a woman’s neckline, not only is her beauty enhanced, the woman’s stature in society is also elevated. Classier the design, the more valuable it becomes for the wearer. With multiple designs to do the bidding of the jewelry, the elegance personifies the authenticity of the materials being used in the creation. Some of the best versions which can be reviewed are the ones made out of sea glass. Here is a list of the ten most wonderful creations made out of sea glass that will make you fall in love with these gorgeous pieces in no time.

1. Sea Foam Marble Necklace

Price: $122

Sea Foam Marble

Built with a beautiful rare sea glass marble fitted into the middle, the ensemble gets completed with a silver sterling chain. The marble of Sea Foam Marble Necklace is large and measure 2 3/4th in diameter while the length is around 2”. The size and cuts for the ornament have been measured and placed accordingly to the design. With a guarantee to give the money’s worth, the necklace would not let you down.

Product USP: Trendy, simplistic designs coupled with a silver chain will make the wearing all the more worthwhile.

Pros: Couple it with a beautiful sea blue/ turquoise dress and see how the color would get enhanced all the more.

2. Eco-friendly Sea Glass Jewelry- White Zen Pendant

Price: $26

Zen Pendant

Eco-friendly sea glass white Zen pendant will make you one proud owner. With a beautiful silver bail on the sea glass pendant, the handpicked beach glass lends a very elegant look to the neck ornament. The pieces have been picked from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, Canada and have been coupled with the best cuts and designs. The silver sterling clasp has a shine which would have your interest shooting up the moment you put your eyes on it.

Product USP: The chain has not been included with the pendant which makes it all the more comfortable for you to mix and match the chain with this Zen pendant.

Pros: The pendant is Eco-friendly which makes the pendant all the more desirable and beautiful.

3. True Jadeite Beach Glass Pendant

Price: $148

Jadeite Beach Glass Pendant

Coupled with a delicate design, the crisscross sterling silver design on the electric green stone is one jewelry piece you will not want to miss. With a hand crafted design and an authentic stone to do the design’s bidding, the rare sea glass will add a charm to your neck. Match the True Jadeite Beach Glass Pendant with beautiful earrings and you would be ready to carve an everlasting impression. The designer, Danielle Renee, has made sure to include many options in the available colors. Choose from red, aqua, cobalt blue, black and multi colored sea glass pieces.

Product USP: The multicolor availability of the pendants will make the jade pendant and obvious choice for the wearer.

Pros: The various colors of the stones can be mixed and matched with different colored clothes to enhance their beauty and looks.

4. Aqua Beach Glass Jewelry:

Aqua Beach Glass Jewelry

Price: $26.50

Aqua Beach Glass Jewelry has been etched beautifully into the light sea blue stone is the design of a starfish, lending it a delicate touch. Combining the supersonic elegance is a pearl crystal charm which will enhance the beauty to completely another level. Dangling on an 18 inch fine link silver adjustable chain, the whole ensemble would simply blow you off your feet and make it all the more pleasurable to wear.

Product USP: The light colored stone can be coupled up with almost any kind of color and it would charm the wearer’s neckline any day.

Pros: Priced appropriately, the pendant with the chain is a must wear for all those girls waiting to flaunt their jewelry.

5. Blue Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry

Price: $27.50

Blue Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry

Conjoined together are two pieces of genuine sea glass pieces which have are hugging each other thanks to the silver charms and the Swarovski crystal. The pendant length of Blue Sea Glass Necklace is about 1 ½” which has further been coupled with an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Not only has the design been made really beautifully, it even brings forth the richness of the jewelry design.

Product USP: The combination has been very tastefully and delicately coupled together to form the basis of a magnificent piece of neck ornament.

Pros: The richness of the blue color and the brightness of the Swarovski will make the pendant shine out all the more while you’re wearing it.

6. Yellow Leaf Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Necklace

Price: $119.99

Yellow Leaf Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Necklace

Hand gathered elements have been put together to create a stunning masterpiece for your neck. The Yellow Leaf Sea Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace are a unique combination offering the wearer a complete contemporary style. The chain comes with an adjustable length of 17-18 inch while the handmade pendant is up to 2.25 inch. The silver accentuated the stones in the leaves leaving no space for doubts in your mind about the authenticity of the design.

Product USP: The yellow earrings with the pendant set complete the jewelry set, ready to bring forth a combination never seen before.

Pros: Gathered along the California coast, the sea glass elements are chosen by the artists for their color and ability to be slightly hand-shaped.

7. Balalabeads Deep Blue Sea Bracelet

Price: £14.00

Balalabeads Deep Blue Sea Bracelet:

Let your hands do all the talking for you, thanks to the Balalabeads Deep Blue Sea Bracelet. Check out this beautiful handmade silver plated clasp, complete with a set of 6 handmade glass beads and four funky spacer beads. The silver enhances the beauty of the bracelet and lets you flaunt your wrist with ease. Given the fact that the neatly packaged ornament comes in a luxury dotted gift bag adds to the value. The bracelet is a collector’s item in the true sense.

Product USP: Everything is neatly packaged up into a luxury dotty gift bag, making this an ideal present.

Pros: 1×8.5” leather bracelet with a silver plated clasp lets you decorate your wrist with the sheer beauty and enhan
ces the elegance of the ornament.

8. Dichroic Glass Bracelet

Price: £84.00

Dichroic glass bracelet:

Set in a beautiful silver setting with heart shaped blue sea stones is the Dichroic Glass Bracelet. Each of the stone’s color gets accentuated with the silvery touch the chain provides. Having said this, the width of the bracelet is around. It measures 80 cm and is just ideal for a petite hand. Decorate it around your wrist and make a style statement in no time.

Product USP: The combination of the silver and the blue set stones is enough to keep the wearer happy for a long time.

Pros: 925 Sterling Silver has been used in the creation of this magnificent piece of jewelry.

9. Glass & Shell Bead Tassel Necklace

Price: £8.45

Glass & Shell Bead Tassel Necklace

Beauty knows no bounds. This has been aptly explained by this pretty Glass & Shell Bead Tassel Necklace. Made with a tassel design, white flat shell disks and alternated with black glass beads, the necklace is as chick as it is trendy. Measuring about 48 cm in length, the tassel drops up to 11cm when worn. To ensure that it is secure and fits in properly, it has been fitted with a button and a loop clasp for comfort. The dainty necklace will enhance the wearer’s beauty and will blend perfectly with a variety of outfits.

Product USP: The unique black and white color of the necklace will have you wanting more. Mix and match it with your favorite attires and see how people ogle at you.

Pros: The design is pretty much simple yet it offers an elegant touch to the wearer’s neck. The sea shells give an authentic look and a charm one can’t supersede.

10. Sea Blue Glass Snail Pendant

Price: £11.75

Blue Glass Snail Pendant

Sea Blue Glass Snail Pendant Necklace will grace your dressing style even further with its beauty. The blue color of this delicate piece of jewelry will make the wearer look cool and attract a look of attention. The pendant has been shaped like a snail and has been crafted using glass. It has elements embedded that make the pendant sparkle like a star in the sky and measures 40mm x 55mm. Slide the pendant in a snake chain that is silver plated and measures 42 cm and make people fall in love with this piece of jewelry. The lobster claw clasp is colored silver and will hold the pendant and chain together in a secure way. Sea Blue Glass Snail Pendant Necklace can prove to be great gifting option without shelling much.

Product USP: Its snail shape and the color blue will attract you instantly.

Pros: It can be worn at any time of the day and will blend with all kind of outfits.

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