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10 innovative wall decors for modern geeks

Computers as wall art_01

Done with decorating your space with everything geek? Great! You seem so proud to be one perfect geek. Yeah! You really think that a Space Invaders coffee mug, a hand full of ASCII, PacMan and pixelated cushions and pillows, a Google refrigerator are enough to make you the real geek? And what’s up there – a hanging solar system made using old CDs? That’s so old fashioned! And what’s up with your walls huh? They happen to be so boring. Do you know, wall decor is no more behind and is high on the geeky rank? Now, it’s high time you get inspired by the list provided below and upgrade you geek standards.

1. Magnetic 3D mesh curtains

Magnetic Curtain

Nothing else can compliment your geekiness better. It’s magnetic. Yes, you heard it right. It gets transformed to any desired shape due to the magic trick played by the incorporated magnets. Sure shot way to establish yourself as a high ranked geek.

2. Push pin wall art

Push pin wall decor

Don’t we all love Mario? This unique and addictive wall art comprises of packs of push pins, a pin board and dash of inspiration.The splendid work of Student Computing Center turns your walls into a play station.

3. Hypnotic wall decals

Hypnotic Wall Decor

Areaware has a line of mesmerizing hypnotic wall decals. Just have a look at the hypnotic tunnel staircase. Isn’t that a mid-boggling psychedelic style that would leave you with a taste of dizziness? All you need to add is a colorful arm chair or a leather sofa with a dash of red.

4. ASCII Curtains

ASCII Curtain

I can see some ASCII pillows in your room but did you ever dare to imagine an ASCII curtain? This one is a perfect blend of class and geekiness and is designed by Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy. What you can see is a tree motif in the shades of light grey, right? But come closer and peer deep. You would find a breathtaking world of ASCII codes.

5. The melting keyboard wall graphic

Keyboard wall decal

Look at the bright color, melting keyboard and the geeky yet the happy-go-lucky feeling associated with this one. It is bound to make you feel fresh, happy, full-of-life and yes, geeky of course, but with a style. If you are a computer obsessed geek then it is a must one to adorn your walls with.

6. The great animal hunt wall decals

The Animal Hunt

This happens to be the perfectly unique wall decal designed especially for the nerdy geeks who love to get puzzled inside the crossword puzzle games. Stick it and play around. It would keep you hooked throughout.

7. Retro gaming wall graphic and cool giant robot wall decals

Retro gaming and cool giant robot wall decals

Have you spent your entire childhood saving Mario’s Queen? Then how can you ever miss this uber-cool retro gaming wall design? This would definitely transform your area into the most hot-n-happening gaming zone. And man it’s time to take down that banal and conventional poster of Einstein sticking out his tongue and to replace it with this ingenious Giant Robot decal.

8. Wallpeppr


Imagine you are on Flickr getting awed by all those photographs and suddenly you feel like taking your favorite photographs out of Flickr and decorating your walls with them. Will not that be something magical? And yes Carlo Jorges has made it absolutely possible. The Wallpeppr is a roller that uses inkjet-technology to print out an image transferred to it via a network cable.

9. Light emitting wall paper

Light emmiting wall paper

This wallpapers are the real head-turners and would make people go “wow”. Designed by Jonas Sampson, these out of the world wall paper can also be used as a light source. Embedded with beautiful lights, these wall papers are made up of LEDs and are low on power consumption and are cheap. And you know what, the lighting could be controlled. So you see, you can turn it off to give your walls an entirely geeky and aesthetic look or you can turn it on to turn your place into a wonderland. The choice is entirely yours.

10. Computers as wall art

Computers as wall art_01

Nothing can beat this. Only a real computer as wall decor can compliment a real geek. Designed for serious rendering, six computers adorn the set up and the case is made up of acrylic. The LED lit fans keep it cool and this unique wall art is sans any top and sides. Hands down to this amazing art piece.

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