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10 most innovative Halloween costumes made using recycled materials

Halloween costumes

If you want to get a ground breaking stylish look for the upcoming Halloweens within no cost, then we have a super fit idea for you. Now you can get new style icon by using your everyday household items. Here’s a look at some neat ideas of making that scary Halloween costume by recycling everyday household materials.

1. Umbrella bat

Umbrella bat

If you have any old umbrella in your house, you can use it as your Halloweens costume by giving it a new look of umbrella bat, for this you can visit the website Evil Mad scientist for instructions. May be, you think of it as a tacky costume, but if it costs you nothing and also an environmental friendly thing then, why not?

2. Furry nightmare vest

Furry nightmare vest

This costume is best suitable for such adults who do not want to scam their children. You can easily make this vest at home if you have any recycled stuffed animal. What you need to do is to just cut that stuffed animal and turn it into a vest and wear it on your Halloween, you can easily disguise yourself into this vest and enjoy with your kids.

3. Armor for the recycling warrior

Armor for the recycling warrior

This idea was given by Kosuke Tsumura, she simply used the pet bottles to make this armor for the recycling warrior, and she did this by cutting up the bottles into pieces and then sewing them up with the nylon thread. So, what you need to do is just to collect some spare plastic bottles and get any kind of shape of a warrior and wear it over you on your Halloween.

4. Macho man and his dolls

Macho man and his dolls

If you want to celebrate your Halloweens by getting a look of susceptible and gifted macho man, then you can get this look to amaze your children, or you can get any flashy look by checking images by Mr. Toledano’s costumes ideas. You can astonish your kids by showing that you are able to pick up many kids at a time, like any macho man can do.

5. Just a moose head

Just a moose head

It will be easy for you to get any animal costume made at home if you have some common household items like gloves, tennis balls, covers of tennis rackets and pillows. If you want to get any animal costume ideas, visit the web site ECAL for latest moose head, elephant and emo.

6. The ring costume

The ring costume

Jennefer Wells was the person who build the idea of ring costume and won the local competition of Halloweens. She got the idea by famous horror franchise. The dress made by her was only worth $7. People like unique styles for the Halloween rather than buying any premade thing from store.

7. Recycled robot costume

Recycled robot costume

Chaintool who lives in Mexico created this recycled robot costume by using laundry detergent bottles, props and football shoulder pads. He told that he collected 60 bottles of different sizes and shape from the trash cans of different laundries, he also suggested that rubber based paint will be suitable for this robot. He suggests to wear elbow and knee pads underneath to sport the robot costume.

8. Great pumpkin costume

Great pumpkin costume

The idea of pumpkin costume was given by Jesse Hensel, who introduced it on She made this costume at home by using household goods she also added laces to get homely look. She originally build up two hallowed out pumpkins, and after getting good response she made more pumpkins of different styles like spicy toasted pumpkin seeds, pie fillings and bread pumpkins.

9. PET plastic bottle armor suit

PET plastic bottle armor suit

PET plastic bottle armor suit was created by Kosuke Tsumura, a designer of urban clothing and accessories. Plastic is in common use for mostly packaging and are not recycled properly, therefore Tsumura used plastic bottles to make this armor. Tsumura simply sliced up the bottles and then sewed them up with a translucent thread. So it was not costly for her to make this beautiful armor dress, she just used recycled bottles to get her desired costume.

10. Off with their heads

Off with their heads

The inventor of this costume says that he used only three common household things to make this costume; a pillow, an old dummy and fabric, and added them with glue. For more details you can visit He made it more interesting by giving him a poor bourgeois look paired with hubby.

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