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10 incredible gardens in the world

List of top ten gardens in the world Knowing about some of the best gardens in the world would be helpful for you, as you will surely visit those gardens if you are travelling through those places. Below mentioned is the list of top ten gardens in the world, which holds a charisma, and charm of their own because of their design and style. Scotland- Garden of speculation:

Scotland- Garden of speculationScotland is a renowned tourist destination in world. One of the major attractions of this place is the cosmic speculation garden. A most unique feature of this garden is that, it is open for the public only once in a year. This garden is one of its own and you will not be able to find another one in this whole world. Jencks Charles is the creator of this garden and made the exception garden in the year 1989. Having unique designs and patterns, it is one of the best places for horticulture.

Netherlands- Keukenhof: Netherlands- Keukenhof When you visit Netherland, do not forget to visit the Keukenhof garden. If you were in love with flowers, then this garden would be best for you. For tulip lovers, this garden is bliss as it holds tulips of every color you can imagine. It holds a record of having the number of seven million tulips. You will be able to find hybrid breeds of tulips that are only available in the garden of Netherland. The major attraction of this garden is the black tulip known as the baby Yaga. Thailand- Suan NoochNong:Thailand- Suan NoochNong People who are willing to visit an artistic garden, they must visit the Suan Nooch Nong garden, situated in Pattaya, Thailand. Tourist visiting Thailand makes a point to visit this wonderful garden. This garden was developed in the year 1980 and was opened for the public. This garden even includes villas and restaurants along with pools. This garden is a house for plants and ornamental flowers. One of the major attractions of this garden is the cultural festivals where flowers are displayed in the most exotic and beautiful way. Nearly, more than two thousand visitors come to this garden daily. France- Versailles:France- Versailles The city of love is the house of one of the best gardens in the world. This wonderful and splendid garden was built by King Louis the XIV. Designer of this garden was Notre-Le-Andre. The exotic designs of this garden have attracted visitors from all across the world. Once you visit this wonderful garden, you will be able to see the beautiful sculptures and fountains along with small canals. Woodwork along with plantation of flowers is done in a unique sequence, which makes the garden even more attractive. Spread over a huge land space, it even holds a beautiful lake and enormous trees where tourists can have a hearty picnic with family and friends. Brazil- Jardim-Botanico:Brazil- Jardim-Botanico Located in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, Jardim Botanico is one of the major tourist destinations. Opened in the year 1991, it is one of the renowned botanical gardens of the world. This garden was originally created in French pattern, but later it was given the look of real Brazil. Numerous small lakes and fountains can be seen at this wonderful garden. It is spread across in an area of four hundred and fifty eight square meters. This garden even holds a greenhouse, which holds numerous plants and flowers some of which are in the category of endangered species. Canada- Butchart:Canada- Butchart Willing to see heaven on earth, then you must visit Butchart located in Canada. It is one of the best gardens with some of the wonderful plants and trees. The pathway of the garden is between the most gorgeous flowers, which you have ever seen. Located in an area of fifty acres, it is a land of enchanting beauty. This garden is open for the public in every season and you will never experience a dull moment while you are in Butchart. China- Yuyuan:China- Yuyuan Built approximately four hundred years back by the Ming dynasty, this garden is a replica of Chinese tradition and culture. Rocks and trees are spread across the garden in the unique manner that enhances the enigma of the garden. Bridges and zigzag paths of this garden add charm. Pakistan- Shalimar:Pakistan- Shalimar Designed in Persian style, the Shalimar has taken its spot in the list of best gardens of world. The construction of this garden was started in 1641, but finally completed in the year 1981 and was opened for the public. Minnesota- Minneapolis Sculpture:Minnesota- Minneapolis Sculpture It is a jewel in the crown of USA. This garden is a land of sculptures, which is imported from all over the world. It is even a house of some of the best fountains. This garden holds some of the unique and exhilarant flowers and various other plants. The cherry tree is one of the major attractions. Japan- Ryoan Ji:Japan- Ryoan Ji It is one of its own temple gardens. This garden not just holds varieties of flowers and plants, but it even gives home to some of the most traditional sculptures of Japan. The simplicity of the garden will enthrall you.]]>


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