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10 ideas for an eco-friendly bedroom

Going Green has become a movement, a lifestyle choice that encourages its followers to alter every part of their life, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat. Even a supposedly insignificant thing like remodeling your bedroom has to be handled carefully as indoor pollution is a real problem. Spending a little extra effort and money to ensure your bedroom adhere to environmentally safe standards is a worthwhile endeavor. It entails a little research, but it is still easy to find the perfect materials to construct a beautiful bedroom that is a serene, healthy space. Environment friendly materials also significantly reduce the level of pollutants in your bedroom and guarantee a healthier living space.

Get great ideas to naturalize your bedroom from these top ten tips!

Redecorated eco-friendly room

Low VOC paint

1. Low VOC paints for your walls

The conventional paints you buy at the store contain volatile organic compounds including carcinogens that produce harmful fumes on evaporation. When you can get the same paint color with low- volatile organic compounds (VOC) or no-VOC, why should you put your health at risk? Vibrant Green, bright yellow or pretty lavender are good colors for your walls to induce an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Eco-friendly felt carpets

2. Environment favorable carpets

The installation of new carpets and flooring causes the release of hundreds of VOCs. Carpets are often subjected to toxic chemicals in order to make them resistant against moths, soil and moisture. They are also capable of trapping toxic lawn chemicals, allergens and VOCs from the outside.

Hence, homeowners should consider carpets and flooring made from ecofriendly and recycled materials. Such products are durable, comparatively cheaper and stylish. The best carpets are those with a natural fiber composition and with little or no chemical treatment.

Alternatively, you can try a nontoxic, green carpet finish to form an insoluble barrier across your present carpet. Water and odor resistant, the finish prevents the discharge of chemicals from carpets.

Sustainable lumber

3. Green type flooring to offer solid support

Reclaimed wood has been salvaged from old buildings and other places. This recycled wood shows off a unique appearance in addition to being long lasting, versatile and durable. Bamboo and cork are wonderful eco friendly alternatives. Bamboo is a good renewable resource grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The resultant floor is durable and easy to install.

Cork is a sustainable raw material, resistant to mold, fire and insect and above all it is anti allergenic. It is also shock absorbent and a good sound absorber.

Salvaged wood bed

4. Reuse old furnishings

Worn furniture can be repaired instead of purchasing new ones. A few coats of non-toxic paint can renew a wooden desk or chair filled with gouges. Try updating old furniture as craft projects through repainting, repurposing or refinishing.

If you have to buy furniture, select pieces build from renewable sources like bamboo, corn and cork. Or buy wooden furniture made from post consumer recycled wood. Eco friendly furniture can be bought from specialized stores as well.

Old cupboards and drawers can be reused in other areas, to contain garden implements, tools, paints and other items rather than throwing them out.

Organic bedding

5. Eco friendly fiber bedding

Drape your bed in sheets made from all natural fibers such as bamboo and cotton to enjoy comfortable sleep. Organic sheets are known for their softness as well as toxin free production since no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were involved in the growing process. These sheets are good for people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) as they do not contain any harmful irritants.Visit a tailor to make your own bed pillows and chair cushions from quilts, old curtains or fabrics.

To compliment eco friendly sheets, go for eco friendly mattresses free of polyurethane foam and fire retardants. Mattresses made of latex foam are much better than the regular ones. Finally, choose your bed frame and matching headboard from renewable resources like bamboo.

Energy-efficient windows

6. Energy efficient windows

Windows permeated with Argon or krypton gas are better insulated against heat transfer, hence they have increased energy efficiency. The gases in the windows engender heat to be reflected into the house and heat on the outside to be deflected out of the house. Additionally, the interior glass of the window has a higher temperature leading to a reduction in frost and condensation.

As a thorough energy efficient measure, you should also consider the material of the window frame. Vinyl, wood, aluminum and wood clad frames are your best options. Carefully weigh their individual pros and cons before choosing one. For example, though aluminum is not the best material for managing heat, it is practical for rainy and humid climates.

Potted plants

7. Place practical accessories in your bedroom

Potted plants are perfect natural air purifiers and they add a leafy touch to the room. Installing a fan in your room prevents stagnation as the air undergoes circulation. Lighter curtains allow sunlight to seep into the room which kills bacteria and prevents mold and mildew from gathering in dark spaces.

Eco friendly upholstery and curtains stitched from organic cotton, silk, hemp and bamboo are apt choices for your bedroom.

Energy saving lightbulb

8. Energy efficient lighting

Replace your incandescent light bulbs with good quality LED bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, they both provide very good lighting. Swap your old lighting fixtures with quality fixtures and you will be rewarded with a reduction in your energy bill.

Green, sustainable furniture container

9. Storage containers

If your bedroom is small, find a fashionable jute laundry box that will go well with the décor. They are very neat in appearance and can double as stools. Surf online stores for good eco friendly storage containers available in stylish shapes and sizes. They will help keep your bedroom neat.

Green water-powered clock

10. Eco friendly electronic items in your bedroom

Use only the necessary items in your bedroom such as the lamp and alarm clock. Additional electronics waste energy, especially when they are left plugged-in the whole night. Turn off all electronics when not in use. Alternatively, buy ‘green electronics’ that are designed to sap less energy and have a reduced impact on the environment. Visit websites that evaluate quality electronic items on how green they are and then make a purchase.


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