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10 Highest Paid Coaches in Sports

In all the professional sports, there are very hard working and talented players in different teams. Players work hard with all their honesty and sincerity. Some times they wins and some times they loose. The difference between loosing and winning is the game strategy of that particular game. Designing or making strategies is the prime job of a Coach. Professional coaches do make difference when they are hired or engaged by any team and believe me they really charge for their expertise. Have a look at the list of 10 highest paid coaches in US.

1) Phil Jackson

Team: Los Angeles Lakes (NBA)
Titles: 10
Pay: $10,300,000; Annually

2) Bill Belichick

Team: New England Patriots (NFL)
Titles: 3
Pay: $7,500,000; Annually

3) Mike Shanahan

Team: Washington Redskins (NFL)
Titles: 2
Pay: $7,000,000; Annually

4) Larry Brown

Team: Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)
Titles: 1
Pay: $7,000,000; Annually

5) Pete Carroll

Team: Seattle Seahawks (NFL)
Titles: None
Pay: $7,000,000; Annually

6) Mike D’Antoni

Team: New York Knicks (NBA)
Titles: None
Pay: $6,000,000; Annually

7) Don Nelson

Team: Golden State Warriors (NBA)
Titles: None
Pay: $6,000,000; Annually

8) Gregg Popovich

Team: San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
Titles: 4
Pay: $6,000,000; Annually

9) Jeff Fisher

Team: Tennessee Titans (NFL)
Titles: None
Pay: $5,750,000; Annually

10) Glenn “Doc” Rivers

Team: Boston Celtics (NBA)
Titles: 1
Pay: $5,500,000; Annually

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