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10 Cool tree trunk furniture pieces

Tree Trunk furniture

Wooden furniture has always been used since times immemorial and still continues to appeal us with its elegance no matter how much we use the piece it still has a very distinctive natural hue and looks stylish as it ages. Wooden furniture, these days, is becoming the equivalent of cutting down the tree before it reaches it prime which has lead to an unscrupulous depletion of the much-needed forest cover these days. However, if we make furniture out of trees which have already fallen would be a great way to utilize the precious tree particularly the tree trunk which is the most useful part of the tree that can be transformed into very stylish and modern-looking furniture. Here are a few of such brilliant examples in which tree trunks have been turned into furniture pieces:

1. The ‘Tree Trunk Stool’: A Tibetan stool

Crafted out of hollow tree trunks, these exquisite stools have a very distinct and different shape as no two trunks are similar. The stool is heavily influenced by Chinese designs and motifs such as the Chinese coin that are engraved on the top and the body of the stool for bringing good fortune. This stool is extremely durable and adds more sophistication to the interior decor of any room, apart from functioning as seating furniture.

2. The tree trunk table

This beautiful tree trunk table is available in various designs. The bottom of the table can be kept in its original shape with customized table tops of glass, wood or even a chunk of the tree (with the tree rings adding more appeal) as the surface of the table. This elegant table can function as a great outdoor decor with its natural and exquisite appearance.

3. The tree trunk garden stool

The tree trunk garden stools are great to use indoors as well as outdoors. They have a very earthy look and can spruce up your interior decor and can equally stand out as a very elegant patio accessory too.

4. The Indonesian tree trunk console table

This very ethnic-looking tree trunk table crafted by Indonesian artisans is an exquisite acquisition and would add sophistication and elegance to any interior décor. The table makes optimum utilization of the tree trunk and is crafted intricately with a curved posterior and a glass top. This table would cost you $1950.00 but would be a point of interest in your drawing room with its aesthetic appeal.

5. The Tree trunk side chair

This elegant looking chair called the ‘Wood Drop’ uses the tree trunk as its base in place of four legs. It comes with the unique twig hoop design. Priced at $1,200.00 USD, this chair is crafted out of waste blocks of timber wood from North Carolina. Due to the asymmetry of the wooden pieces, because they still have the original cracks, the unrefined quality of the stools adds to their earthly appeal.

6. The Tree trunk bench

The tree trunk bench is a great way to convert fallen trees into seating equipment. This beautiful bench has been created by Jurgen Bey. Creating the traditional seat with a back-rest has added the additional comfort to this inexpensive park seating arrangement. The only drawback is to properly treat the wood so that it does not rot, apart from that the tree trunk bench is high on durability.

7. The Stump table

The Stump table is a remarkable outdoor piece of furniture that looks very refreshing with the tree trunk forming the base and a glass top highlighting the same. These tables add a lot of style and naturalness to your green setting and are very durable as well.

8. The tree trunk chair

The tree trunk chair is a very different chair owing to the way that it has been crafted. This particular chair differs as it is entirely created out of the tree trunk is a square-like shape. This chair would look good whether placed indoors or outside with its exquisite quality adding more elegance to the surroundings.

9. Tree Trunk Cabinets

These cabinets are crafted out of the outer wooden portion of a mahogany tree (the inside is used for making other furniture). These cabinets look great and are extremely durable. Wood has a characteristic sheen that never wears out with age and hence, cupboards made out of solid wood last for generations altogether.

10. Nickadoo Tree Trunk Tables

These tables are made from the waste wood from local lumber industries or from naturally fallen trees in Quebec, Canada. These trunks are shaped into table tops and are cleaned and hand-polished to perfection. The legs that are made out of chrome or wrought iron are then fixed onto the table top to make a sturdy and durable table for your living space. The most attractive part of the table is that each one tells a story as you can read its age by counting the number of rings and then associate them to an important phase in history.

Tree trunks turned into furniture can entirely change your home and outdoor decor and add more style and sophistication with its natural touch.

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