Portable plastic splint to provide instant medical aid

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If you love extreme sports and on many occasions have been forced to leave the field because you got injured or broke your limbs. Then there is good news for you, as from now on broken limbs will not be able hinder anyone from enjoying the game. Reason being: Sheffield Hallam University’s team which has come up with a flexible plastic splint that will protect damaged bones and also help in a speedy recovery. The splint will prove a boon where medical facility is not easily accessible, like snow sports.

Statistics have shown that as many as 45,000 people get injured each year at those places where no immediate medical aid is possible.

The director of the Lucozade Sport Science Academy John Brewer, said:

Rapid treatment of any injury is an essential part of the recovery process. Most traumatic injuries will cause internal bleeding and swelling, which will be exacerbated if the injured area is moved or left untreated. Therefore a splint of this nature should be a positive aid to the recovery and rehabilitation process, since it will quickly immobilize the injured area and prevent further trauma from occurring.

The creation of this splint has been made possible when Sheffield team and France’s Institut Superieur de Plasturgie d’Alencon (ISPA) decided to team up for a research project on lightweight and flexible properties of plastic.

Source: BBC

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