Is high cost treatment a threat to life?

Paradoxically, getting more medical care and paying more money for treatment can lead to even worse health condition. Dartmouth Medical School’s Dr. Elliot S. Fisher holding this view, argue that the additional treatment in the high cost are triggers more risks than benefit.

Usually it is believed that the people an area having more healthcare facilities would be healthier and long-lived. Nevertheless, according to Dr. Fisher the fact is just opposite to this viewpoint. He further holds that there is considerably increased risk of death if treatment is being carried out in high-cost system.

Moreover, the U.S. healthcare system has been plagued with certain drawbacks too. The fact is U.S. healthcare system offers doctors, hospitals and companies massive financial benefits to provide more and more care. On the other hand, surgeon can be paid only when he does bypass operations otherwise there is no payday for them.

Via Businessweek

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