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Now that you understand what the accreditation process is all about, and a few of the benefits of seeking care at an accredited hospital, it is helpful if you recognize the advantages an accredited institution […]

accredited hospital

Accredited hospitals aim to create a culture where information is shared throughout the facility and knowledge is imparted. If physicians or other healthcare providers make a mistake, they are required to report it immediately instead

Hospital Accreditation creates a culture of learning and sharing

A factor that may attract individuals to an accredited organization is the importance they place on patients. An accredited hospital believes in the motto of patient-centred care and treats the patient as the most important

Hospital Accreditation Respects patients’ opinions

The outcome of various treatments within a hospital or clinic is information that should be shared with the public. Usually, healthcare facilities are worried about their reputation and do not want to disclose any information

Hospital Accreditation provides transparent and clear data to patients

Healthcare providers are clearly an essential component of the success and quality of a hospital. If they are unsatisfied within their positions, they are likely to not provide customer satisfaction to the highest level which

Healthcare professional

By voluntarily signing up to undergo the scrutinizing procedure of receiving an accreditation, the facility is demonstrating to the public and potential consumers their commitment to quality. Demonstrating their willingness to implement standards that are

An accredited hospital improves public trust

The process of accreditation scrutinizes every possible detail of a hospital to ensure full standards of quality are implemented. This goes for all medical and non-medical related items. The purpose of this process is so

Benefits of an accredited hospital

According to the Joint Commission International, one of the most respected accreditation bodies, to implement international quality standards around the world you should define ‘accreditation’ as “a process in which an entity, separate and distinct

Hospital accreditation

Quality care is something every patient should seek. When you enter a healthcare facility, you should feel secure in the knowledge that you are entrusting your life in safe hands. This is especially relevant to

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