Few tips to lower chances of developing cancer

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Cancer begins in the cells of a human body, which are the building blocks of the body. The human body makes new cells as body of a person required it, and replaces an old cell that dies. But sometimes this procedure takes a wrong track. New cells develop even when the body doesn’t require them, and the old ones are not replaced from the body as they don’t die, when they should . So these extra cells create a mass which is known as a tumor. This disease can occur in any part of the human body. The most common type of cancer is the cancer of lungs and it causes several deaths every year, which is slightly more than other cancers like breast, prostate & colon cancers.

Follow few suggestions given below to reduce the chances of getting cancer.

1. Consume a balanced diet which is good for health. Balanced food intake lowers the chances of cancer; it also decreases the chances of developing heart diseases, and thus helps in the achieving healthy body.

The diet which is considered to be good for health must have the following: It should have normally 5 type’s dishes of fruits and vegetables. At least 3 dishes made from whole grains. Try to cut off the eating of preservatives and additives present mostly in the processed eatables and meats. Don’t eat red meat which contain high amount of fat in it.

2. Always try to be active. Having the correct kind of food and exercising daily is quite beneficial. One should try to do some physical activity just only 30 min regularly and in return get a lot of improvement in health. By doing this a person can have full control on his weight, and it also lowers the chances of developing the cancer, and along with this also reduces chances for heart diseases and diabetes.

A person can do different types of exercises. He can do following things like walking, dancing, running, going to gym etc. A person should do only those things with which he is comfortable. Some other ways to raise the activity are using stairs instead of lifts; if you drive than park your vehicle far away and try to walk as much you can.

3. Always make a visit to a doctor or a consultant. Everyone should regularly go for a gynecology checkup, like Pap smear, yearly check up for cancer and several other ailments. At the time of yearly visit, a person can frequently ask related queries and one should discuss the doubts with the doctor.

Pap smears should be done in all females — Within 3 years of onset of sexual activity or age 21, whichever comes first. Other examining tests for cancer are – mammography for the checkup of breast. Also go for colonoscopy.

4. Avoid smoking but if you are a smoker try to leave this habit. Smoking should be avoided. A lot of people die due to Lung cancer. It causes more deaths than any other type of cancers. Smoking also helps in developing several other diseases like heart diseases, sexual diseases, and different types of cancers and few other diseases.

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