9 Foods which are recommended for blood type AB

The human body consists of 4 different blood group combinations and each blood type has its own individual tendency of reacting to certain food groups while benefiting from others. Depending on the group of blood contained in our body it is very essential to know of the foods which should be avoided in order to stay away from diseases like obesity, weight gain, inflammation and other chronic diseases as well. Similar is the case with blood type AB which is a result of the commingling of type A and type B. It is the rarest of blood groups found in less than 5% of the people. The multiple antigens present in the AB blood type encourages and allows their easy adaptation to environmental and dietary conditions as per the diet’s proponents, in spite of having a sensitive digestive tract, so it is very important to know about the ingredients of a particular food before consuming it. Moreover, blood type AB have low stomach acid content, by nature, and are therefore advised to have frequent lighter meals at regular intervals so as to encourage food to stay in the stomach for a longer duration. However, type AB blood group do wonders when their muscle tissues are slightly on the alkaline side. Let’s take a sneak peek through the different foods which are recommended by doctors for the healthy being of the holders of blood type AB.

Meat and protein

The presence of multiple antigens in type AB blood tends to make it A-like at times with weakened stomach acids and sometimes B-like with a strong genetic capacity to consume meats. As a matter of fact, AB type does best when provided with a mixed dietary course. Nevertheless, people with such blood type cannot metabolize and digest meat properly and efficiently due to the presence of low stomach acids and hence it becomes extremely essential for them to keep a check on the portion size and frequency of intake of certain foods like red meat. Chicken contains lectin which can cause irritation in their blood and digestive tracts and hence should be avoided. The best advised protein supplement for them is lean animal proteins, tofu, sea-foods, turkey, lamb and mutton.


Grains and cereals are normally considered favorable for type AB blood although the kernel present inside the wheat grain leads to the formation of acidity and should therefore be avoided. For type AB’s consumption of too much of wheat products may lead to the development of mucous and inflammation in the body. The best is to stick to a diet rich in rice rather than buck wheat or pasta. Oatmeal, soy and millets are also quite beneficial for AB type blood groups.


Type AB’s have a very low and weak immune system which makes them prone to several diseases. Daily intake of peanuts can enhance and boost up their immunity system and is therefore advised to have lots of them. Also, peanuts have an anti-carcinogenic effect on blood type AB which can help in keeping fatal diseases like cancer at bay.


Fresh green leafy vegetables are a rich source of phyto-chemicals which can prevent occurrence of fatal diseases like cancer and heart attack in type AB blood group. People with this particular blood type are prone to such chronic ailments due to their low resistance and immunity levels. Vegetables having a high fiber content and antioxidants like broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower and beans are therefore recommended most for type ABs while bell peppers, radish and black olives which are high on acid content should be completely avoided.


Blood AB types should put more emphasis in consuming more of alkaline fruits like grapes, all kinds of berries and cherries which can assist in balancing off the intake of grains which might cause acid formation in the muscle tissues of the body and even help in digestion and clearing mucous from the intestines. Even tomatoes can be consumed in their raw form as salads or soups to do the needful.

Lemon juice

To avoid the accumulation of mucous while sleeping and to clean the system of it, it is recommended for blood AB types to kick start their day by having a warm glass of water with freshly squeezed lime juice added to it.

Dairy products

Blood type AB tends to follow the predispositions of type B in case of susceptibility to dairy products. They benefit most from cultured and sourced dairy products and can easily digest yogurt and sour creams. However, blood AB type should always monitor their dairy intake quantum as excess consumption of the same may lead to the development of mucous due to a feature adapted from type A. Also, eggs can be easily consumed by AB type as they are a good source of protein. But, again, eggs contain a high level of cholesterol and since AB types are susceptible to heart diseases, they should stick to eating 2 egg whites as against every one egg yolk.


For type AB, green teas are highly recommended which assist drastically to rev up their immune system. Herbal teas and beverages aid in building resistance against deadly chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases and cancer. They even help to absorb iron within the body and prevent conditions like anemia. Coffee particularly boosts up stomach acids as it contains similar enzymes as found in soy. Some of the most suggested drinks include chamomile, green tea, red wine, coffee and so on, while black tea, soda and alcohol should be avoided at all costs.


Spices play an important role in building up a positive heart and immune system thereby benefiting people containing type AB blood. Common salt should be replaced with sea-salt, kelp, curry and miso as these ingredients are acidic and help to increase stomach acid levels. Moreover, garlic, parsley and horseradish are potent tonics and consist of natural antibiotics which benefit blood AB type. However, there are certain spices which can cause an adverse effect on type AB like almond extract, barley malt, corn syrup, vinegar and all types of pepper, and should not be included in the diet in any form.

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