Personal Branding Training

Personal Branding Training by Dr Prem

Personal branding is a self explanatory term that signifies the process of personal marketing. The Personal branding is about identifying your inner self to take out your qualities and characteristics that can make you unique and stand out in a group of people, these outstanding qualities of yours will help you immensely in grabbing lucrative opportunities, fulfill your goals and have impact & meaningful life.

But most of the time we do not identify ourselves, we just end up living someone else life. Even if we do know what we want or want we wish to become, we do not know how to develop personal brand.

Lets Understand Personal Brand

To start with, let us first understand what is a brand. A brand is something more than just a promise. It is a commitment made by a company or an individual to create a unique experience for the customers. Further, self brand or personal brand is a unique proposition for your customers, employers, and anyone else in your life. Building self brand takes time, perseverance and maintaining as well as growing your brand takes patience & discipline. Obtaining brand equity requires consistent communication efforts. One should invest in personal brand because the only organization you belong to, and are committed to for life is YOU.

Benefits of Personal Branding

The benefits of a strong personal brand are

  1. Live your own life
  2. You can understand yourself better
  3. Differentiate yourself from your peers
  4. Increase your visibility & presence
  5. Let the world know about you
  6. Get the best out of your networking activities
  7. Increase in client, business and market acquisition
  8. Increase opportunity exposure
  9. Personal Risk Management

Personal brand can help you thrive during difficult economy, increase your confidence and more importantly achieve your personal & professional goals. Personal Branding gives you the freedom to be yourself and to present it in a way that it attracts the people around you. Personal branding also allows you to maintain the image you want to portray in your personal and professional circles.

Why attend training workshops in Personal Branding?

Training in personal branding will help the participants to discover personal building blocks, develop self unique profile, etc. It will give some exclusive tips on what to do and what not to do while building one’s own brand. For example, it is advisable not to shout on top of your voice to make your point or promote yourself. It should not look like you are pushing yourself on your customers. Your credibility will be justified only by the efforts you put in your work. What needs to be promoted is your good work in a way it reaches to the customers the way they want to hear it and not what you want them to hear.

Training workshops help participants develop their own strategy in order to stand out in a crowd. You will discover how to link your personal set of brand attributes (business expertise, competences and personality) to your own vision, mission and values, in such a way that you can differentiate yourself from others in a way you never have thought of before. You can learn the secrets of building and communicating a winning personal brand and greatly expand the success of your business.

Why get trained from Dr Prem?

Dr Prem in itself is a brand today. It stands for unique expertise in varied industry segments including leadership, personality development, training, healthcare, medical tourism, etc and excellent exposure to global business culture. Dr Prem has created for himself a brand legacy, a feat rarely achieved by individuals despite being successful in their careers. With him being an expert in Personal Branding, Dr Prem will effectively give the participants some eye-opening sessions on branding approach that will show them how to position self in the market place in a way that is unique for each individual. This interactive, hands-on workshop will assist you to understand, build, and communicate the unique brand that is YOU.

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