Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR 

The most talked about topic in the business world today is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. It has emerged as a significant theme in the global business community in recent years. CSR today is very important and an ideal approach for success, as there is a perception amongst people that big companies often get high profits through high price products/services and unethical practices by some. Thus, it is imperative for businesses today to have right strategies in place for effective CSR, which would help reassure trust of people in a company and at the same time strengthen its positioning amongst competitors. However, do we really interpret the term CSR in a right sense or are we confined to our own beliefs by relating it to philanthropy?

CSR in Healthcare

The healthcare business is fast budding and so is the struggle among healthcare companies. Healthcare is a field that openly associates to the society and the consumers are the first customers. With all the advancement it is compulsory for the companies to recognize that they are also answerable for the society’s growth. It is important that businesses radiate a sense of responsibility towards the communities they are engaged in. They need to have planned resolutions ranging from social creativities like health awareness programs and healthcare events to partnerships with government and non-government establishments. CSR is now an integral part of marketing so as to develop customer relations.

Training in CSR

Training in CSR gives an opportunity to the participants to in first place differentiate CSR from philanthropy. CSR is not only done to be a responsible organization, but it has a lot of benefits that also help businesses to succeed financially. Some common benefits of CSR include increased sales & market share, strengthened brand positioning, enhanced corporate image, increased ability to attract, motivate, as well as retain employees, decrease in operating costs, and increased appeal to investors & financial analysts.

In addition to providing an introduction to CSR and its impact on the society and company undertaking CSR, the training workshop on CSR will identify CSR activities that already take place in the company, gaps that currently exist and raise ideas for new activities, policies or initiatives that could be implemented.


Why Dr Prem’s training?

Dr Prem is a leading consultant to some of the top companies in the market today. Apart from consulting to these firms on various business solutions, Dr Prem has worked at the heart of CSR strategy for decades, working in partnership with clients to promote their improved business practices. Dr Prem has helped various business firms to design a successful and sustainable CSR program that creates value in a business or organization and can drive performance.

Dr Prem & associates’ training programs are dedicated with regards to the expansion of strategic administration in corporate social responsibilities. The trainers are world renowned in this area and have operated with many global healthcare organizations providing training to their professionals. After having trained professionals from innumerable countries, they bring with them a massive skill and enable the trainees to comprehend the subtle concerns related to CSR.



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