I am by instinct an avid aficionado of chess and invested a considerable time and energy on gaining the nuances of the fascinating game. The game is multi faceted and requires the skills of highest order. Chess strategies are potent and relevant enough to seek application in your life and transform it in totality. I foster a notion that the strategies employed in the game of chess have relevance in strategizing your life and business and coming out triumphant on both fronts. My fascination with the game forces me to use all chess pieces in the logo on my website drprem.com and it brings to the fore the very essence of my website. Moreover, I have received a great deal of appreciation for my maverick approach, which stands as a testimony to the metaphor of life and chess.

What chess teaches you?

For me, the game has a great educative value to the novice and veterans alike in the sphere of business. The correlation is very comprehensive and extends to wider domains, which needs a constant focus on the finer points of the game. I can assure you that the game can refine your character and renders you a poise that will take you places.


chess strategies

Chess teaches you the virtue of patience that is a prerequisite of success. Like chess, you cannot achieve your goal in life within a span of few quick moves. You need to endure the opposition into submission by maintaining patience.

Be offensive

Moreover, it reinforces the tried and tested adage that the best form of defense is offence. To win the race of life you need aggression in proper measures. I recommend that your aggression have to be controlled to the optimum level but not subdued in totality.

Be positive

You, by all means and intents need to be positive while coming to terms with the competition. Success would be a distant dream in both life and chess, if your approach were negative. Optimism is the key word that can unlock the doors of opportunities for you.

Sure about your moves

chess strategy

chess strategy

Like chess you require an in depth knowledge of your business to emerge first past the post. Your moves would define the magnitude of your success in both, chess and your life. Moreover, a wrong move can diminish or in totality ruin your chances of accomplishing the desired outcome. In chess, your moves are restricted to one at a time. This inspires us to address the issue at hand in a methodical manner, taking one-step at one time. You need to evaluate your situation and be sure that your moves would yield desired results.

Identification and vision

I strongly feel that the identification process involves a great deal of incisiveness to penetrate the realms of your predicaments and your position. First and foremost thing is that you have to identify your position and the standings of the resources at your disposal. Applying your analytical aptitude, you can identify the cons and pros of your situation well, plan your moves and coordinate with moves of your resources. Your analysis should be based on the future prospects of your actions, as you have to have a positive and viable plan of action for next few moves. I can assure you that your vision would help you thrive in the most vulnerable of situations.

In depth approach

Chess Strategy

The deeper you get the more you improve your skills and give yourself the confidence to change the rules of the game. You have to penetrate the layers before making the moves as superficial knowledge would not support for long and you would feel inadequate in the crunch time.


I am of the view that success in life, like in chess, is attributed to sacrifices you make on the board and life. In chess, you might need to sacrifice your pawns to secure chess pieces of the higher order. In real life, you have to make sacrifices at every move to secure your tangible assets.

The game of chess has penetrated so deep into our psyche that we knowingly and unknowingly utter the phrases that owe their roots to the prolific game of chess. How many times have you heard phrases like we would check mate the competition, we are the pawns of the game and stuff like that. The answer would most probably be, quiet often. The game of chess has its own peculiarity in terms of nature of the game and the superiority of strategies that are employed to check mate the rival.

What does black color symbolize in chess?

I by no means comply with the traditional perception that white stands for purity and black for the darker side of human existence. However, for me the black color signifies power, strength of your persona and the desire to succeed at any expense. In the modern day and age, you should incorporate these virtues to accomplish considerable amount of success in your chosen field. Just a few days back I came across an interview of one of the most accomplished players that had ever graced the game of chess. Yes, I am talking about the legendry Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov, who ruled the game for a considerable amount of time. He said something that is enough to change the general perception regarding chess. He did not mince words while saying that people perceive chess as a kind of clean, intellectual engagement. According to him, there is nothing cute or charming about chess; on the contrary, it is a violent sport and when you confront your opponent, you set out to crush his ego. For me that is what black color stands signifies. The chess pieces present on my website, swathe in pure black. The whites are the aggressors as they are entitled to make the first move and ebony responds in the similar aggressive manner to defend their honor and territory.


Problem Solving Team

The basic principle of the game is that it may seem to be an intriguing game played between two engaged minds that are well versed with nuances of the game. However, on the board it is an enticing battle between two armies constituted by 16 chess pieces a side. The two belligerent sides are the two closely-knit teams who are up against each other to outperform their rivals. All the chess pieces have to contribute in their own capacities towards the team cause to emerge triumphant at the end. The position and task of every chess piece is finely defined and they have to perform within their limitations. By instinct, I am a man who wears passion on sleeves. Therefore, I use all chess pieces in my logo to convey the message of teamwork.

As they say, pawns are the soul of the game. Let me remind you that pawns are the chess pieces with the lowest value. They lead the charge and are the first causalities on the board. However, do not undermine their value, as they are solely responsible in facilitating the highly destructive moves of the big guns. Yet again, the metaphor of chess carries to the real life with consummate ease. It may be business, chess or for that matter life, you cannot do everything yourself. Therefore, you need a horse to ride. Like in chess, in real life too you have to constitute a team and keep it battle ready. It would be the team to take you across the finish line. The people at the lowest level (your pawns) are the ones who work at the grass root. They are your first line of offence and defense. You as an entrepreneur need them to connect with your customers, or implement strategies etc., the list is lengthy.

Smart choices and decisions:

The chess entices and inspires me on one more account and that is the philosophy of constructing life based on smart choices. The chess pieces are carved according to their status to render them distinct identity. The game of chess has a loud and clear message for all of us. The message is that you have to carve your life philosophy is a way to you inculcate the positives around you. You should refrain from being a recipient of negativity. This would go a long way in molding your persona on positive lines.

Strategic branding:

For me and other chess enthusiasts, the significance of chess goes from the board to the boardroom. The board can definitely equip you with the nuances of the boardroom. I personally know many top shots of their respective spheres who are great aficionados of the game of chess. When in informal conversations they never showed any demur in attributing their success to the lessons they learnt while being engaged in the game. According to them chess has enabled them to scale new heights in their respective fields.

The long and short of it is that together with name, chess pieces, carved structure and black color contribute to carve your life and develop a strategic personal brand. The personal brand thus formed is viable, incisive and fiercely competitive. It would enable you to thrive in the most trying predicaments by the virtue of patience and proper strategizing. If the concepts of chess incorporated in your personal and professional life would make you brand a force to reckon with. Needless to say, if you inculcate these virtues discussed above in your personal brand then you are destined to go places.