Why English globish is gaining acceptance in the global platform?

Why English globish is gaining acceptance in the global platform
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English Globish is fast turning into a universally accepted tool for business communication. After Brexit, King’s English with all its literary enrichment would fail to appeal the world of international trade milieu as an easy mode of communication. This was observed by Mario Monti, the former Italian prime minister and economist. 

As an alternative to this language, English Globish, a brainchild of Jean-Paul Nerriere has been an amazing replacement. Incidentally, Mr. Nerriere, a Frenchman, was the global vice-president of marketing at IBM. Without much emphasis on jargon or slangs and hard to comprehend vocabulary, the new medium of communication has turned very popular globally.

With a stock of just 1500 selected words, communication between people from different linguistic backgrounds is possible in a universal tongue just about any subject matter under the sun!

Circles of English as a language:

English globish is gaining acceptanceStudy of the notion of English language and what impact it makes internationally has been initiated back in 1978. Around 75 regions exist where the medium of communication is English. Either it is the first language or used for unofficial purposes.

Braj Kachru’s model is well-known for the proliferation of English and as a tool of oral and written correspondence worldwide. The spread of English language under Kachru’s model is grouped into the inner circle, outer circle and expanding circle.

  • Inner circle: Consists of native English countries like the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the US. Here, English is the mother tongue.
  • Outer circle: Consists of countries like India, Pakistan and Nigeria where the language has historical importance for colonial connections. Here English finds an important application status to comply with legal, educational and official requirements.
  • Expanding circle: These countries do not require English as such in regular application. The need arises from the development of tourism industry and global trade. Germany is one such country among many others.

Globish vocabulary and grammar

English Globish has its own Globish grammar directives comprising of 20 basic rules displaying a range of diversity in articulation. A degree of flexibility exists allowing for the tolerance of pronunciation.

A learner of Globish grammar has an option of grasping 250 additional words. This might fuel the fire of his appetite for specific interests suiting to professional requirements. For cultural application of English Globish, students can learn expressions of courtesies, politeness and formal etiquettes as well.

Restrictions of Globish:

English globish is gaining acceptance

Enthusiasts of English language may find it linguistically claustrophobic using only a few words and the basic grammar of a language, which is otherwise super rich with literary values. Admittedly, English Globish lacks the potential for insightful discussion of a topic. However, for easy expression and comprehendible communication, this is very effective.

Globish for post-Brexit communication:

The impact of Globish on the European Union after the pull out of Great Britain would be significant. Leaders will have an easy mode of communication. Chances of misunderstanding of policy matters on trade and commerce, cultural and technological issues would be minimized.

English is a common second language for most European countries and hence a more pliable linguistic device to put ideas and opinions across. Looking at the communication scenario with a more pragmatic approach, post-Brexit English Globish will certainly outdo traditional English in the global communication platform.

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 The impact of Globish in the field of education:

English globish is gaining acceptance

Education is one field that is relatively stable unruffled by external pressures pertaining to international trade, relations and politics. However, the current advent of technology and electronic media has had its share of meaningful footprints on this area too.

Latest technology ‘Ed – tech’ could open up avenues of possibilities improving quality of education imparted. Thailand has taken a step forward with a start-up Globish Ed – tech breaker with a team of beaming members teaching English the Globish way.

Online English courses are provided with emphasis on real-time and developing conversational skills. Here the Globish teachers are referred to as ‘ coaches ‘. They deliver tireless efforts to instill confidence among students and develop a positive attitude towards grasping an apparently dreaded yet important foreign language now made easy.

English Globish on the international platform:

Global trends are fast changing. What is fashion today is history tomorrow. English, an important international language too is facing the evolution. Time is precious and people in business hardly can afford time to delve into Shakespearean language to put across business proposals and policy revisions.

A simpler version is imperative and that is Globish, a combination of terms ‘ Global and English’. It is a much streamlined and non standard version of English with meager vocabulary content. Robert Mc Crum, an English literary editor strongly feels and convincingly puts it that in today’s frantic hustle, an Indian, a Chinese or a user from African nationalities would find it much at home using Globish.

This simple language would cut across all cultural and communication barriers. It is going to be the future mode of exchange of views pertaining to international business. It will be the most unique and highly demanding language in the marketplace.

It is true that the innate characteristics of Globish make it the most coveted conversation tool in the hands of non-native English speakers. But how far would it serve the purpose of non-business domains like medicine, technology and literature is a thought provoking issue.

The new language of Globish takes over:

English globish is gaining acceptance

It is now evident that English Globish as a language of international business communication has no competitor. It has been made easy with limited vocabulary strength. Non native English speakers couldn’t have been happier.

But the rich English language has been stripped of its amazing vocabulary. Idioms and phrases have been put in a junk box and rules of grammar have been simplified. This is a kind of decaffeinated English that has lost its punch, humor and flavor.

It is true with basic Globish, 88 % of mankind could discuss anything from the scratch. The coverage and width have increased sacrificing of depth and insightful reads. How good would Globish be for feeding cultural and philosophical cravings is a thing to wait and watch.

Tips for winning the audience:

Keeping the characteristics of Globish in mind, here are some tips for effective and easy interaction with audience:

  • Weigh up your audience and set your speech at the lowest pitch and gradually go full steam.
  • Make a few mistakes to make yourself audience friendly. They learn that to err is human. They get a boost in confidence level.
  • Speak slowly. Allow audience the time to absorb all what you deliver.
  • Use short phrases. It will be easier to comprehend.
  • Avoid metaphors else the audience gets confused and don’t get you.
  • Avoid humor. What is humor in your country may be an insult to a foreigner. You may be misunderstood.
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