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visual branding
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The only way to get your business noticed over so much of content generated online is to create the edge using visual elements. Humans are wired in a way that they react to pictorial elements more in comparison to text alone. Understanding of this concept has made way for the marketing aspect of visual branding. Visual branding is yet another marketing breakthrough that helps in increasing the brand image manifolds.

The rise in the concept of visual branding correctly explains the reasons behind our shift from blogging and text marketing updates to pictorial updates. This has been the major reason for the unprecedented success of social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. It is believed that pictures have a long lasting effect on our minds and the main aim of marketing is to increase the recalling power of your brand and the product. Visual branding does the same; it creates a long lasting impact on your brain and associates you to the brand.

Visual branding does not fade away the meaningfulness of influential content. The companies cannot just simply leave everything to visual branding. Rather, these concepts should be duly amalgamated for effective marketing. Addition of visual elements to influential content provides better marketing results and helps in sound establishment of your brand.

Here is what you need to keep in mind for effective visual branding:

Catchy color theme

To attract the attention of increased number of customers maintain a color theme that is catchy enough. It creates a consistency in the message that you deliver about your brand. The best strategy is to use no more than four colors. Make sure the colors you use depict or speak of the company in one way or the other. It should be well aligned to the company’s message and brand image.

Visual images

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Once you have the right blend of color scheme, the next major task is to consider images for the visual effects. Images are used to add significant emphasis to the company’s message or the content so produced as an effective marketing strategy. In case you are using your very own pictures, make sure that the camera is of high quality and high resolution. And if you do not wish to use your own photos there are a lot many sites that offer stock photos for sale or on lease. Or, you can use an AI-powered picture generator like Picsart to make unique graphics.

It will be great if you add a personalized touch to the pictures by running them through a filter that will make them look unique. Today there are a lot of applications available to do so. The key to attract customers still remains the same, be consistent with your look as well as feel, in sync with the company message.

Specific and consistent layout

Once you are done with the color theme and the imagery, the focus shifts to differentiating the content and the brand with the help of consistent and specific layouts for creating attractive visuals. Layout plays a very important part in the visual branding concept. Innovation and creativity helps in generating huge results subject to the synergy effect.

One of the best ways to differentiate your layout from others is to use a watermark logo in the same corner of all the pictures and the posts so that the consumer immediately identifies your content.

Best fitting typography

Typography is the style of font used to create a consistent message. You cannot carelessly use any font, say Comic Sans on the web portal and content that promotes your message. This sends wrong signals across to the customers and hampers your brand value. Use fonts that go well with the company image, color theme, layout, and the company message.


Visual Branding is one of the best marketing strategies generating effective results by attracting more customers to be associated with the brand.

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