Useful tips for Freshers to Take Control of Their Job interview

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You’ve got an interview scheduled for your dream job, so you have got through the first test. Now you have to impress your interviewers enough to land the job. You get just one chance and you have to make the most of it. You have to stand out and make a mark so that you’re the one that’s hired out of the all the other candidates. To do this, you have to work out a strategy so that you’re in control of the interview and are able to shine, and ultimately get hired. Here are some tips for freshers to be in charge of their interview:

Preparation matters


According to experts, the interviewer is the one in charge. But you can be the one in control, not aggressive control but being in charge means you have to gently guide the interview in your favor. You should help your interviewer spot your competence rather than your lack of experience as a fresher. That’s why you have to prepare to the best of your ability.

You have to research the company, its culture, how it is organized, and industry trends and if possible, gather information about your interviewer. Since you know the job you’re interviewing for, you obviously think you are perfect for it. You have to know thoroughly why you are suited for the job and get the message across.

Form an effective strategy

Draft interesting narratives about yourself that you can present confidently to the interviewer. Prepare three or four stories about yourself, about your achievements and so on, and they should basically tie in with the job you’re applying for. It could be stories about your experiences during your internship, which you learn thoroughly and try to think of ways of introducing them in the interview.

The all-important 30 seconds


30 seconds is all it takes to form an opinion. Like other people, your interviewer too would form an opinion about your intelligence and personality in the very first 30 seconds. How you make an entrance, your way of speaking, and your comfort or confidence level is of the utmost importance. Practice all of these, you might even make videos of yourself so that you can make the best impact.

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If it’s a phone interview, take the first few moments to establish yourself as a cool and calm personality.

Be flexible

Be alert and flexible. All interviews and interviewers are different and you should be prepared to be able to change your presentation of yourself depending on the interviewers you are engaging with. You can’t predict how the interview will go, so you have to sense the personality of the interviewer/s and answer accordingly. If an interviewer likes to talk, then you should let them talk. The better you adapt to circumstances, the better your chances are.

Do not try to be clever


Interviews are not when you are ‘yourself’ – meaning that you have to put your best foot forward. You should not downplay yourself, or exaggerate, but whenever possible articulate your ability to learn as well as adapt to new challenges. Since you’re a fresher, you wouldn’t have any global experience, unless you have worked as an intern for a multinational. But you can express your comfort and interest about working in a global environment, due to your interest in getting to know people from various cultures.

When it’s not going in your favor

If you were unable to give great replies or couldn’t answer some relevant questions, don’t be hassled. Instead, focus on the present moment, and concentrate on the current questions as though it’s the first one. Keep your enthusiasm and energy up, and try to do your best.

Make a connect


Make a connection with your interviewers by remembering their names and responding to their questions by mentioning their names.

The Closer

The interviewer might close with ‘Would you like to add anything else?’ This is when your prep would come of use and you can say why you are the best person for the job, due to your educational qualifications and any exposure to the kind of job you’re applying for.

Be confident and positive, prepare well from all aspects and present the best ‘you’ that you can. Try to gear the interview towards your plus points so that you get hired for the job.

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