Understanding Some Common Causes of Slowed Productivity

Causes of Slowed Productivity
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In the world of business, time is money. If you’re unable to produce results within a reasonable timeframe, the success rate and reputation of your business declines. There are a lot of reasons that your ability to get things done efficiently become altered. Essentially, the key to getting back on track is first identifying the cause and pinpointing a feasible solution. Below are a few of the most common causes of slowed productivity and solutions for overcoming them.

Poor Time Management

Time managemant

One of the most common causes for slowed productivity is poor time management. Missed appointments and deadlines, rushed work, procrastination, and poor performance are all signs that you’re not managing your time wisely which can directly impact your ability to get things done. Solutions for managing your time more efficiently include:

  • Set goals that are clear and obtainable
  • Create a schedule and stick to it
  • Invest in project management applications
  • Create daily to-do lists
  • Delegate tasks to lighten your load

Damaged Technology

Technology is a huge part of operating businesses. Users rely on everything from computers and smartphones to software and mobile applications to conduct business. When technology is not operating efficiently or for some reason is damaged, it will require more time to get tasks done. Efficient solutions for protecting your technology includes:

  • Invest in complete virus protection software to ward against hackers and cyber attacks.
  • Invest in protective products for expensive yet fragile technology, such as iPhone X cases, to keep your smartphone safe should it be dropped accidentally.
  • Consider extended warranties and service contracts for all technology

Limited Resources


The best businesses rely on a plethora of resources to streamline processes and complete day to day business tasks. Often, when small businesses have limited resources, it is the direct result of limited funds. Fortunately, there are solutions out there for getting the resources that you need to improve productivity:

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  • Search for free trials or versions of resources needed. There are a lot of online tools that can help boost productivity that are inexpensive or free. You can upgrade once you have the financial means to do so.
  • Consider taking out a business loan to invest in missing resources
  • Bartering with other business professionals can sometimes get you the resources you need without having to pay for it.

Personal Distractions

Though you’re not supposed to bring your home life to work with you, sometimes it’s unavoidable. From strained relationships to taxing parental responsibilities, the demands from home can sometimes disrupt your ability to concentrate and get things done at work. Here are some solutions for dealing with personal distractions:

  • Wake up a bit earlier each day and try meditating or drinking a relaxing cup of coffee before starting work
  • Talk with your loved ones about the importance of keeping calls and texts at work to a minimum
  • If your personal schedule is taxing, ask other family members for assistance to take some of the stress off you.

Workplace Distractions


Whether you work from home or you work in an office, there are a lot of distractions that can slow down your productivity. From email notifications and pop-up ads to phone calls and water cooler conversations, it can really slow you down if you let it. Here are some solutions for eliminating workplace distractions:

  • Set a schedule that allows for some downtime (too much working can cause you to give into distractions easier)
  • Complete work somewhere quiet where there aren’t any televisions on. Close the door so others know you’re working and won’t disturb you.
  • Set a time for checking emails and turn off notifications to avoid getting distracted

The most successful business owners thrive because they continually improve their efforts to get things done. Everyone gets thrown off at work sometimes. However, long periods of slow productivity could lead to the decline of your business’ success. If you’re mismanaging your time, are dealing with poor quality or damaged technology, have limited resources, or are dealing with distractions, the solutions mentioned above can be instrumental in helping you to get back to taking care of business.

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