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You are at your most productive when you are well-rested and refreshed. A good night’s sleep leads to better concentration, you are more focused and alert too. This makes you finish a lot of work in a day, leading to your success. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, makes you sluggish and unable to function at your best. One of the reasons for not getting a good rest at night could be due to your mattress. So, the right mattress plays an important role in your success. Here are some insights on what is best mattress and how it can help you get ahead in life:

A good quality mattress helps to reduce stress


A mattress which is not comfortable will make you toss and turn all night, and keep you awake. Sleep is the time when you are supposed to forget all your worries, but if your mattress is not right, you could end up being even more stressed. One study conducted on 56 women and men, found that sleeping on a good mattress significantly reduced their stress level. Similarly, if you will sleep on a good quality mattress, you too would have a better quality of sleep, which would allow your body and mind to relax, and you can wake up rejuvenated.

Win at games

According to Stanford University’s study, football players who had at least 10 hours of sleep, improved their sprint time, and they had decreased fatigue during daytime. Their stamina also increased. To win, therefore (in any profession), you must have at least 8 hours of sleep, which is possible on a good mattress that is firm and supports your body correctly.

Increased memory

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It has been proved that sleep consolidates or gels memory. Sleep helps in improving both long term and short term memory. A better memory will definitely help to improve job performance, especially when you have to give presentations or remember that very important contact’s name!

Improves problem solving

In fact, sleeping on your problems to find a solution may not be just a saying – research has shown that your brain does try to find solutions for your problems even when you are asleep, which is why deep sleep is imperative. According to some studies, when you sleep on a mattress which is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and moisture free, your cognitive abilities are enhanced and you are able to reach your potential.

Your health improves



Studies have shown that if you do not get adequate rest, you are more prone to fall prey to viruses such as the common cold. Sleep deprivation makes recovery slower too. Falling ill means you have to have miss work and deadlines, which may hamper your success. In contrast, if you sleep well, your health improves as your stress levels go down.

A great mattress helps you rest well, leading to better concentration, memory, health and enhanced problem solving abilities, which lead to better productivity. Buying a good mattress is therefore, an investment you make for a brighter future. To make the right choice of mattress, you can read more at https://sleepissimple.co.uk/, and choose the perfect mattress for you.

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