If you wish to develop a successful business, then building a successful brand is the key to that. A good branding strategy can let you win the trust of your customers and increase your business’ reputation. When it comes to […]

Real time marketing suggests providing an innovative and accurate approach to reach a specific group of customer at a specific time and specific place whereas in campaign based marketing a definitive set of activities are performed on a regular basis

Who is a leader? In simple words, a leader is a person who leads and acts as an inspiration to the people who follow. There are many more responsibilities that a leader has to take up and fulfill them with

Assertiveness is a quality that every corporate worker must have for climbing the ladder of success. Assertiveness helps you express yourself confidently and speak your mind clearly in front of others. If you are shy or introvert and find it

The management of teams in an organization is very important for the success of the business. The skills of workers are best explored when they work in a harmonious and synergetic team. Leading and organizing corporate teams is a very

Chess is basically a game that is played with the mind. The more organized your thoughts are and the more you can look into possibilities, the better gets your chance of winning. Life is often compared to a game of

With several businesses closing shop to avoid being hit by the recession, the time has come for existing businesses to reevaluate their business goals and strategies. The world has changed, and so has its people. And with the market undergoing

The survival, growth and success of a business largely depend on the effectiveness of the business management team implemented to foresee matters. Moreover, the effectiveness of the business management team would depend on the effectiveness of its members to a

A brand identifies a company and its products from other company and its products. In a way brand is the personality of the company through which people identify its products, services, and attitude. It is one of the most important

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