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By now, you must have used social networking sites to document your adventure trips, to upload pictures of your new assets, or simply to check out pictures of your crush. Besides being a way of entertaining its users, social networking […]

Job searching

Business and its rules do not vary from men to women. Both genders have to jump over hurdles and face the real challenges that running a business poses everyday. All around the globe women are striving to take control of

Consumers today are talking about brands, products and customer service issues on social media. It is expected to increase further given the fact that more of the world is going online. The vast social media platforms present today are the

social media feedback

Word of mouth marketing is also known as the word of mouth advertisement. It is quite different from the original word of mouth in many regards. It takes an effective management to transform the simple “word of mouth” into the

word of mouth

We live in a digital world, where we can access the world on our fingertips. Internet makes it easier to use latest technology. When we talk about consumer behavior and their choices, we know that it is quite unpredictable because

Social media has become a platform for businesses to expand their reach and online presence. The benefit of social media sites is that on these platforms you can directly interact with your prospective customers and instill confidence in them about

digital marketing through social media

Social media is becoming popular every passing day and everyone we know is present there. However, it is surprising to know there are still many companies who do not have any presence on these social platforms or do not know

Social Media Features

Social media has become the most important part of every organization’s marketing plan and if you want to beat your competitors then you will have to know how to use social media to its fullest potential. If we look at

New businesses would sometimes find it hard to understand the complex relationship shared between profitability, growth and survival. While IPO may be an eventual dream for these businesses, their immediate goal would be survival. With a startup failing every other

A reputation can either make or break a business. Business owners would need to manage the reputation of their brands, products and services in order to benefit from the same. This goes double for eCommerce businesses where the transactions are

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