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Every business has to be promoted through marketing strategies and advertisements. Without a proper promotional campaign you cannot expect to reach out to your target audience. Small business owners find it difficult to promote their products or services with the […]

You need to raise a voice and promote your work to sustain your business, and nothing can help you more with this task than social media. Various social media platforms make you connect with your current and potential customers. These

Running accounts on various social media for your small business can become a hurdle to cross in today’s fast-moving online world that has a fierce competition going on. A small business cannot allocate a full-time resource dedicated to handle its

When you get to listen to the social media success stories from experts on blogs or other online sources, you would generally observe a trend of discussions about big corporate players making it great on these platforms. But, does that

You, as a marketer, should consider certain picking-up trends in brand marketing during this year. This is a good time you should start thinking over them and thus, planning your future marketing strategies. Such dominating trends can lead to great

The marketing techniques and strategies keep changing with time. At present, social media marketing is deemed to be more effective than most of the other different types of marketing techniques. Traditional marketing refers to newspaper, radio and TV advertisements, distributing

Corporate branding means using the name of the company to create product brand recognition. It is an important marketing strategy to use goodwill of consumers for marketing new products. By creating a brand the company cultivates loyalty among the customers,

Anyone who has ever worked with an assistant knows just how helpful having one can be. For companies looking to establish an online identity, a virtual internet marketing assistant can be particularly handy. Here are a few ways in which

Small businesses often struggle to make the most of their branding efforts. A majority of the time these failures are the result of very basic mistakes that can easily be avoided if these businesses know a thing or two about

A lot of people feared that SEO was dead the moment Google unleashed its latest algorithm updates onto the internet. For a lot of spammy websites that indulged in black hat SEO practices, this was very true indeed. However, for

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