Surviving and winning in a data-dominated marketing world

data-dominated marketing world
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Big Data is a grossly misunderstood term in the marketing world, but its importance is undeniable. Artificial intelligence is used through helpful tools for procuring treasure troves of data about customer behavior, strategy progress and business growth. Big Data aims to provide new insights that the business owners and their marketing teams can use for deriving newer and better strategies.

Data is considered important because it speaks truth and this truth can be the driving force of your business organization. Tips for reining the Big Data have been discussed in the following.

The benefits of data driven marketing


There are several reasons that make data driven marketing the buzz words for modern marketers. According to the results of review conducted by GlobalDMA, around 77% of marketers are using data driven marketing strategies and they are continuously under the pressure of using such data more effectively.

The first reason that makes data driven marketing so popular is that it maximizes the efficiency of marketing efforts. This particular type of marketing also helps in gaining more knowledge about prospects or target audiences. It helps businesses in aligning their offerings with the preferences of digital consumers.

Social media marketing is also driven by data

Social media is where people come across products and marketing campaigns these days. As a result social media data has become very important for understanding and formulating the buyer’s persona.

The data companies procure about their target audience helps them in creating one or more buyer profiles that are more likely to purchase. This way they can target the audience by creating smaller groups and devising different strategies for attracting each group.

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Social media data also enables the marketers in gauging the performance of their social media marketing strategies. It is crucial to check the impact of social media strategies on the bottom line. As the journey of each buyer through the sales funnel till conversion is different, the marketers need to use different touch points and tools to understand the mentality and desires of audience members.

Social media data is also important because it helps in checking how people are engaging with the content of your business and if they are sharing it across different platforms or not.

Tips for emerging victorious in the data driven marketing universe

For properly using data marketers must first set clear and precise goals. Small as well as big goals have to be set for systematically making progress by utilizing data. Getting thousand more Facebook likes in two weeks, client sign ups and Twitter followers are small goals and spreading brand awareness and being known as the best brand in your niche are the big and long term goals.

It is not easy for marketers to keep up with the changes in the market. New trends are emerging almost every day and advancing technology is only raising the client expectations. The true marketing experts keep learning all the time and from all the right sources. They don’t mind taking help of hard core web developers for understanding SEO, Big Data and other relevant matters. Online courses, books and online articles also help.

Setting absurd goals is a recipe for disaster. One must be realistic and pragmatic while setting goals. Goals should be tough yet not impossible. For example if your Facebook page has 500 likes then in a quarter you can aim to make it 5000 but not 50,000. If the marketing strategies click then that too will happen pretty quickly.

Data driven marketing can only be a success through proper planning and coining of strategies. It is not the data that matters but how you make use of it. Set realistic and achievable goals and proceed methodically to achieve them.

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