Shun being glued to your seat at work for a healthier workplace

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Health standards have greatly degraded with the office culture of the day. Nearly 7.5 hours of an average business day are spent sitting at a desk in the typical office environment. Such a work culture has tremendously increased the risk of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, colon cancer and more. Sitting for these many hours badly affects the health of the workers, often resulting in lower work output.

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It needs to be understood that human beings are not wired to sit for these prolonged hours at one place. You can rightly term these hours as the killing hours. There are too many dangers attached to this typical office concept, thus it has to be taken more seriously. One cannot work at the cost of his health. There is a need to develop a more active and an upright office set up, that provides a healthy style of working for the employees.

Environment work landscape

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Understanding the health costs so involved with the present day office set ups, interior designers and modern artists have envisioned the birth of an environment work landscape that will murder the cubicle style environment for good. Environmental work landscape is a maze looking, crammed office that resembles a skateboard parking. It is completely unlike those poor circulation and poor posture providers namely chairs and desks.

In the environment work landscape, uncomfortable chairs and desks are replaced with an array of angular light gray slabs that are concrete and bulky. This allows the employees to sit in a comfortable position. Once you sit in a manner that makes you comfortable, it increases your work efficiency and output manifolds.

Walking around is a mood elevator

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Sitting for 7 to 8 hours can creep negativity in you, to the point of risking depression. Depression and negativity are major foes of work efficiency. Walking around for a little while can help you turn your foes to a friend. Battle negativity with a little walking around; this has been identified as a natural mood elevation technique.

Don’t just keep sitting, take some breaks


Taking breaks in between the working hours is known to have increased the productivity of the employees. Human brain loses focus on a particular task after some time, especially when the task involves excessive concentration. Taking few breaks helps you deactivate and reactivate the focus so needed to do the task in an appropriate manner.

Inculcate the habit of leaving your seat more often. Movement is beneficial to establish concentration and reduces the time that you take to finish a particular task. Make it a point to stand while you answer phone calls or while you are having your lunch. Keep in mind, 150 minutes of moderate exercise is a body need for optimal health.

Do not murder your own self


Various studies and research works have shown that sitting around all day is calling your death earlier. Prolonged sitting can make a person’s immune system weak, making him prone to deadly diseases. The ill health effects of these sedentary habits cannot be easily reversed, even with regular exercises. Once you develop these chronic illnesses, you will have to undergo medical treatments for the same.

Sitting for protracted periods have ill effects on your health, mind and body. This is the reason why efficiency of most of the employees remains low. Inculcate the habit of being an active employee, walk around, give yourself some rest and do your tasks more efficiently.


A healthier workplace is an environmental set up where the employees are able to deliver to their maximum potentials and are fit and healthy physically. Such a workplace is where employees frequently move around and give themselves rest, to increase their working efficiency.

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