Permission marketing: An innovative strategy for digital marketing

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Every day, several emails find their way to your inbox. Generally, you give little attention to random marketing emails and move on to more interesting/pressing concerns. Permission marketing is an effective tool to deliver messages to your subscribers.

The emails are sent only after you have explicitly subscribed or signed up to receive such mails. Web pages of different companies provide customers the opportunity to get personalized messages from them. It stresses on the fact that customers have their control over it.

As the customers have the control to monitor it, this marketing tool is not monotonous to them. In this two-way communication method, the consumers can provide information about themselves when they are comfortable. The key of this marketing is to present what it is promised to do. Otherwise, it generally hampers the relationship between the marketer and the customer.

Permission Marketing at Its Best

Most of us do not prefer traditional marketing method as the blanket campaigns are of little interest and can end up being too intrusive.Permission marketing has brought an innovative change to the process. Remember when the customers are interested to know about the products, it is easy for the marketers to reach to them and marketing through email is very effective.

When customers subscribe to the company’s website, the company sends recent news, offers, and discounts through emails. If customers prefer promotional videos, they watch the latest videos by simply subscribing it through email updates. Social media is another effective avenue to seek permission from the customers for this marketing.

By following or liking the pages, they show their consent for viewing the messages on the profile of their social media page. Through these inexpensive ways, it opens up to the wide avenue to reach to the targeted audience.

How Permission Marketing Works with Other Marketing Tactics

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Permission marketing helps to create a good bonding with the customers by providing the messages they are interested in. However, if the marketers do not use proper strategies they are unable to reach the targeted audience.

Search engine plays a crucial role in bringing a brand to limelight. By using keywords scientifically, a brand can achieve good rankings in the search engine. While the potential audience begins to follow a company website, they can engage them on their site in an eloquent manner.

Content plays an imperative role. The content that the targeted consumers read needs to be relevant, informative and interesting. The content of the site can ask the customers for subscribing the service offerings via email. The marketers can offer discounts or free eBooks to engage the customers on their site.

Effective Permission Marketing Campaign through Social Media Outlets

The main focus of permission marketing is to bring in targeted efforts aimed at interested prospects. For this, marketers need to create a typical customer profile, including their likes and dislikes.

To get the attention of the customers, marketers need to use clever ways. Mere ‘like’ on the website pages is not meant that the campaign is successful. By updating the social networking site every now and then they need to remind that the brand is unique from others. Special offers can be given to those that grant the permission. But along with all these opt-out options is needed to be given. Also provisioning should be made, that if the customers are no more interested in participating in the event then they can easily unsubscribe it.

Permission marketing is different from traditional marketing in the way that it does not interrupt customers. As customers provide their consent in permission marketing, the marketers are able to promote their products in an effective way. Besides, it helps to create a harmony in their relationship.

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