With all the years of education and training it takes to become a doctor, it’s easy to forget that many physicians also have to be business managers. Their lives are sometimes equal parts MD and MBA, but without the requisite […]

online presence

Privacy policies are used just about anywhere a website gains access to some or all of your personal data. But not all privacy policies are created equal. Each website uses its own variation of the privacy policy and lays out


Financial management is critical to ensuring a small business stays afloat and has sufficient funds to ensure its growth. As it is an area that you need to take seriously, you may want to start to learn how – sooner

Managing a Small Business Finances

There is much to productivity than simply preparing reports, calculating balance sheet figures and attending calls. The startup culture calls for constant innovation and brainstorming. Claustrophobic cubicles and traditional office set up do not offer sufficient scope for original thinking.

Online education is all the rage these days and for good reason. For example, you can study at universities oceans away without leaving your home. You can also tailor courses to meet your needs instead of settling for what a

Inventory control can be especially difficult when accounting for seasonal variations in ordering, product sourcing, shipping costs, and other variables that are not always in the company’s control. ABC analysis is a method of managing inventory that utilizes a simple

Culture is one of the most important aspects of any corporate entity. Corporates are now looking at culture at par with employee engagement and retention. A positive work culture brings out the best in employees and encourages them to stay,

Every restaurant owner must ask themselves the question: Do I really need a liquor license? If you want to serve alcohol, the answer is obvious. If you’re torn, however, there are many facets to consider. If you’re considering purchasing an

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