Negative words that prevent success in work

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We all know that words are a powerful means of expression. Most often, you will not tell a vendor that you are not using his product since it is not good, rather you will say that right now it is not required. The second reasoning sounds much better than the first one and vendor does not get annoyed.


Use of negative words

Similarly, when we are talking about ourselves we tend to use damaging words, which can lower our own belief in what we are capable of doing. Such words also reduce the confidence others have on us and have an effect on decisions we take. Even if we are not spelling them out in front of anyone, they do the damage even if you are using such words within yourself.


Having a positive attitude

When you are doing a business many things are not in your control like when the client will select your product or vendor will deliver but what is in our control is the words that we make use of and those words help to shape our attitude. In case you have a negative attitude about any particular situation then words used and decisions taken will also be negatively influenced. Similarly, negative words will work to change your attitude even if you have a positive attitude about something. Let us now look at what these words are:

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Should or shouldn’t:

We are always thinking about what we should or should not do but what is most important is to know what the right thing to do is as well as what you want to do.

Have to:

You should always remember that we seldom have a choice to do certain things, such as breathing for rest. The things that you think you have to do are choices you opt for, since alternative options are not up to the mark.

Can or can’t:

When you use can it tells that something you want to do is not definite and is only a possibility with no surety of action. As for example, rather than saying I can get capital funding for my startup, it is much better to say it with a “will” which brings in a lot more positive attitude into it. Similarly when we use cannot, we are basically telling others that you won’t do something.


Words we use have a significant effect on our attitude and success. By having a positive attitude and selecting the right words, we can significantly improve our performance.

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