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Though the ultimate goal of your sales and marketing team is same, still they don’t seem to get along well. Both teams blame each other for not making progress. Business experts believe that if a company’s marketing and sales teams work together then they can bring better results.

It can seem to be really difficult to make the sales team work with the marketing team but you have to create a strategy for it. The endeavors of marketing will not succeed if the sales personnel do not work on the leads and without the marketing team word about products will not do the rounds. In the following some ideas have been shared.

Team meetings are necessary

The sales and marketing team have to understand each other’s goals. For this purpose they must discuss ideas, goals and strategies in meetings. Call meeting where both the marketing and sales team will be present. Open discussion and flexible approach will help the teams understand each other.

Your aim should be aligning the goals of the two different teams so that the ultimate objectives can be achieved. Make sure that no negative comment passes among employees during team meets. Mutual respect is the key to success here.

A joint venture

Choose employees from the marketing department and sales department who will work as a team and measure the performance of strategies. If there is no communication between the different sectors then employees will not understand what is working and what isn’t.

The joint team will be able to communicate problems and suggest ideas for each other. The sales and marketing managers should have one weekly lunch together or at least meet each other for coffee to discuss matters.

Learn from the past

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Before the beginning of every quarter the sales and marketing teams should analyze results of the previous quarters together. This will help them find out the best strategies. There should be provision for open discussion and brainstorming sessions. This will help the employees share ideas and opinions. Pros and cons of ideas have to be measured and the most effective strategies have to be implemented.

Study your competitors


The sales and marketing teams should study their competition together. Analyzing the moves of competitors will help you in building a more effective marketing and sales strategy. Marketing team should consider the requirements of sales team while launching new campaigns and sales team should try to follow up the work of marketing teams with hard work. Keeping in touch with the consumers is important for both teams. Marketing team attracts buyers but retaining them is the duty of sales team.

Review social media marketing plans

Among all the visitors who visit your website only a handful may really buy something. While launching a social media marketing campaign the marketers must decide who their target audience is. The aim of every marketing campaign should be attracting those who will actually buy your products and find your service relevant. Sales team can help the marketing team in narrowing down the target audience.

Identify and mend the holes


You have to identify what are the problems both marketing and sales teams are facing. Identifying the gaps in your marketing and sales strategies will help you in finding new strategies of mending them. The marketing and sales teams should keep in touch and celebrate together on successfully fulfilling targets. This will bring more harmony in the workplace and make it easier to achieve final goals.

The sales team and marketing team can achieve more by working together and staying on the same page. The marketing and sales managers should communicate and find ways of collaborating more with each other.

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