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It is an open secret that brand marketing has undergone rapid change and has evolved more during the past five years than it had perhaps 100 years back. Keeping up with the dizzying array of trends and technologies has become a cumbersome and often frustrating job for marketers. Today being tech savvy and marketing smart is not enough. There is a pressing need to understand the rapidly growing opportunities and risks that enterprises confront today. Below are listed some major marketing trends that may create challenges and open crucial opportunities in the coming time:

Brand transparency: A brand’s reputation in the social media is extremely crucial in today’s technology ridden time. Even a minute’s lapse on social media can transfer into a big PR problem. In such a case a speedy response plan needs to be in place to protect the reputation of the brand.

Flexibility: The social web is changing faster than ever. Mobile devices may soon become mainstream retailers. Brands need to be prepared to accommodate this trend; they would need to carefully create campaigns for this platform. A brand must be flexible and adapt to the changes. In future apps will be used for much more than just GPS and games. Brands will have to use greater use of these connections.

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Socially responsible: Many consumers expect brands to play more active role in social, environmental, and economic causes, and brands can no longer neglect it. Corporate social responsibility will become an important factor in creating a positive brand image. Corporate should associate themselves with charitable organizations, education for poor, environment and wildlife protection.

Visual image of the brand:  With the advent of Pinterest and Instagram, which allow for pictures and visual content, the brands have to become visually appealing. Now the images are the driving force of marketing, and are no more mere enhancers of content.

Emotional Connect: The brands can no more be simple marketing tools consisting of logos, banners etc. Now the companies have to give much more than just the product. The customer wants an emotional connect and engagement. Companies should try to create an emotional appeal, so that people are attracted towards it.

Engagement with consumers: Companies should engage with consumers on various social platforms, messages, and broadcasts. Make consumers your partners in enhancing the image of your brand. Start a fan club, or some sort of quiz, games, polls, etc. to sustain the consumer interest.

Thus we can see that by building trust, and some smart planning a brand can stay ahead of others.

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