How to become a successful model (9 qualities you must have)

become a successful model
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The world of modeling is fiercely competitive. You may have the height and the looks, but do you have what it takes to make it in the modeling world. It’s an ever changing industry which can propel a virtual nobody into a megastar overnight. You might achieve these heights too, provided you have the qualities needed to become a successful model. After observing the most successful models in the world, we came up with this list of must-have qualities which every aspiring model has to acquire:

9Must-have qualities of a successful model

The modeling industry has undergone a sea change and though there are stereotypes, there is room for models of all shapes, heights, ages, sizes, so there is a good chance of you being scouted as a runway model, fitness model, and fashion model. To have a great modeling career, you have to posses these character traits:

1. Determination

Beautiful model

An aspiring model who has grit and determination can pull through the many difficult situations associated with modeling. There are many times when opportunities are lost. At these times, you have to keep the dream alive and with determination, keep fighting till you get where you want to be. You have to have faith in yourself and the determination to keep going for auditions, no matter what. Determination is thus one of the characteristics of a successful model.

2. Health

manicured nails

This is not a quality, but having good health is imperative for models. You should always eat healthy, get enough sleep and drink loads of water. This will give you a glowing skin which is a great asset. Be always well-groomed with manicured nails, clean hair, eyebrows in shape and so on. One of the tips for becoming a good model is to never go on a night-out if you have a shoot or show the next day. Dark circles and red eyes are an absolute no-no! All professional models are disciplined and follow a strict regimen to maintain their looks and health.

3. Confidence


Confidence is one of the characteristics of a successful model. You will definitely require confidence to shine on the runway. Have faith in yourself and enjoy what you do – it will build your confidence and give you an edge over others. It’s normal to be nervous, but use it as the impetus to do your best. Fight your timidity and shyness and try always to be confident which will help you deliver at all times.

4. Professionalism

Being professional will reward you

Being professional will reward you in having a great modeling career. You should always be on time for meetings with your agent or clients, return calls, mails and messages promptly, and be polite to everyone you meet. Be serious about your assignments and you will receive many more from clients and agencies who are happy with your professionalism. Another important aspect of professionalism is not to alter your looks drastically.

You should try to be early by 15 minutes rather than being late. This means you have to plan your day and enhance your time management capability. You have to create a reputation for being on time, being professional along with lovely manners and perfectly groomed.

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Tip: When you’re going for an appointment, plan for things such as traffic jams and calculate the time you’ll need to be on time.

5. Patience

facing rejection

Before you really dive in to the modeling industry, you have to mentally prepare yourself for rejection. It could take some time to get your first assignment, and you may be rejected a quite a few times. Even the world’s most gorgeous supermodels were rejected at some time or the other.

So brace yourself to be emotionally and mentally tough, and keep on trying till you get something. The way will not always be smooth, and there will be several rejections along the way, even when you’re an established model. This is because different appearance/looks are required for different assignment. Keep your morale up, and you’ll definitely become a successful model in no time.

6. Observation

good listener

One of the golden rules to surviving in this business is to observe everything and everyone around you. There is a very thin boundary between social and professional life when it comes to modeling. You should negotiate your way diplomatically, never talk in a negative manner about anyone, to avoid all controversies. Listen to what others are saying and learn from that.

7. Hard working


Modeling is all glamour on the outside and hard work inside. It’s very demanding, both mentally and physically. Working hard is part of the job description of a model as you may be called for a shoot at any time of the day. Sometimes photo shoots last for many hours and you have to give your best smile till the end. You have to maintain your good temper and energy and still come back the day after. Be prepared to work hard when you have to.

8. Savvy and smart


There are many people who want to earn from newbies by making false promises. Be on your guard so that you don’t get taken in by phony modeling schools, agencies or casting agents. Be careful if someone asks you to pay to get an assignment, when you’re the one who has to be paid. One of the tips for becoming a supermodel is to keep your head about your shoulders and check out credentials as discreetly as you can.

9. Prepared

modeling career

Always be prepared whether you’re just beginning your modeling career or you’ve completed a few assignments, you have to always carry a few things in your bag. The portfolio is a must, along with a small makeup kit, phone charger, pocket mirror and the wallet of course. This must sound like a no brainer, but it’s these little things which matter at the end.

And if you have to do your hair and makeup for an assignment, do this before you reach the location, so that you only have to touch up the makeup and hair later.

Being a model is not as easy as it looks – have a support system ready and inform your friends and family about what’s happening in your life. They will help you when you need some morale boosting, and might be able to sense the fake from the real. Besides, being close to the family/friends will keep you grounded and away from dangers like eating disorders and the party scene!

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