Four ways you can save time on social media marketing

Social media marketing
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Building relationships with your customers by offering them great content is surely a good marketing strategy. One channel that helps you reach out larger audiences and builds relationships is – social media marketing. It not only a great way to circulate your content, but also nurtures your leads as well as optimizes landing pages.

It is very essential for you to find right way to invest on social media for your small business. But spending whole day on social media isn’t going to help either. So, you have to be very careful and about your time management on social networking sites. Here are four time-saving tips for social media that are going to help you a lot in accomplishing more in less time.

Define your audience

A plan is needed to guide you for certain marketing efforts and also helps in avoiding ineffective, time-wasting tactics. First of all you have to ask who your target audience is and which social sites you must use to reach particular set of people. When you have the answers, simply join those online platforms and participate in activities required for each site, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Slowly but steadily, you’ll begin to build your strong social media foundation, which will further help you in getting more and more audience. Audience is essential for growing online as your loyal followers can help you sustain your position in long-term. So, you must be very clear about your target audience from the beginning.

Organize your information and networks

Create appropriate business portfolio that must include your company name, address, contact address, category in which your business fall, relevant business keywords, biography and relevant social media accounts. Due to all the aforementioned information and contact details, it would be quite easy for people to reach you.

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Correct information and relevant links are important to build trust and strong customer relationships. In case there is any sudden change in any of the information like contact number or address, you must immediately update it on your social profiles as well. Due to this more people can contact you and may provide you some more business opportunities.

Use management tools and automation software

Using management tools like WordPress for blogging and a Spreadsheet for organization, you can sort out various routine schedules easily without having to undergo and hassle or confusion. Apart from keeping you data organized, you also have to keep the audiences updated about the latest content and also show them previous concept details as well. This way they will be able to know about the current information and what you’ve already covered. But wait, don’t waste too much of your time on manually sharing the feeds. Just update few automation tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite for scheduling your posts in the future. It will also help in getting continuous traffic on your previous posts.

Curate and republish your content

Don’t just keep sharing your content only; try sharing content from other blogs as well.  Otherwise, your followers might get bored from self promotion for your website. To make your accounts more interesting and saving time while delivering additional value to your audience, you must update them about others as well.

According to some experts, your own content should not represent over 20-percent of your posts on social networks.Another tactic to build your audience is by reposting about 5-10-percent of your content. But make sure you repost only the content that did particularly well. Try reposting them at a different time than the original post.

To spread your business-efforts as far as possible, social media tactics play a great role. Following the aforementioned tips, you’ll eventually grow your business while building strong customer relationships.

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