Four Ways to Attract Loyal Customers to Your Online Store

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Opening an online store requires a lot of planning and creativity. One of the first challenges of a new online store owner is to establish a positive reputation in the marketplace. Once a store owner starts to establish this type of reputation, he or she is likely to garner a growing number of loyal customers. Check out four specific ways that the owner of a new online store can start to build a loyal customer base.

Offer Appealing Promotions on a Frequent Basis

Offering appealing promotions on a frequent basis is one of the best ways the owner of a new online store can attract customers and keep them coming back. These promotions may be in the form of emails sent out to past customers each week or even every few days. They could also be texts or online ads. For instance, an owner may run a promotion that provides free shipping on every order or a certain percentage off regularly priced items. A buy one get one free offer is also very attractive to many online shoppers. When a store owner sends out appealing promotions, many customers are moved to visit the online store and make a purchase. Plus, even if a customer doesn’t purchase an item from the online store, he or she is likely to be on the lookout for new store promotions each week.

Establish a Reputation for Security

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When potential customers visit a new online store, they want to feel that their credit or debit card information, address, phone number and other personal information is secure. This even includes information about the items in online shopping carts. So, this means that the owner of a new online store must take the steps to ensure that all customer information is safe from hackers and others who shouldn’t have access to that personal data.

Provide Prompt Customer Service

Most people appreciate prompt customer service. If they have a question about a product in the inventory of an online store or perhaps they are having a problem with a product delivery they want the issue to be addressed right away. This means a store owner should have a system of communication that allows customers to contact a capable representative at any time. A customer who has a question answered or a problem solved in a short period of time is likely to come away with a positive impression of the online store and its operations.

Create an Attractive, Accessible Website

A website with bright colors that are complementary of one another is attractive to most online visitors. In addition, visitors should be able to find what they are looking for without delay. Text that is easy to read is another plus for the website belonging to a new online store.

With the right amount of preparation, the owner of a new online store can set his or her business up for success with new and returning customers!


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