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Social media marketing was just writing and post approach in the early days. However, with change in time, social media marketing has revolutionized. The face of the entire social media marketing has changed with changing times. This change came so fast and so quick owing to the dozens of software systems and screens are monitoring, measuring and optimizing each campaign at hand. Today social media marketing appears to be such a vast and complex phenomenon that it is natural when people shun away from this very task. However, it is not that monstrous if you underscore the foundation of the process that lies in the Four Ms of the social media-marketing regime.

These four Ms of social media marketing helps you master all the complexities related to the process. It helps you understand all the necessary tactics needed to be successful in this huge task. It can be rightly said that the understanding of these four Ms helps you be the master in the art of social media marketing.

The four Ms of social media marketing are monitoring, managing, measuring and monetizing. To develop a better understanding of these bombastic terms let us review them in detail.


Social media market is a wide concept that is further increasing with time. Manual monitoring of the social media marketing is excessively time consuming. Therefore, real time intelligence lies in using a platform that tracks and analyzes all social media chatter. Any campaign should be monitored before its launch. This will help you get a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor on social media. Monitoring helps you gather opportunities more often and help you analyze the reactions of the customers within the industry in a better way.


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Once a campaign is launched, the management defines the path for its success or failure. Managing effectively adds a new level of social media intelligence by carefully listening to what the users have to say about the particular campaign or a brand. Skillful management helps you redefine the campaign by tracking the level of performance relegated to the particular campaign. Management is thus the execution of the social media strategy. However, the execution greatly drives the success of a social media marketing campaign.


Measurement is an important tool in the social media marketing. It has its effects on two major fronts. Since social media is spread across various platforms, tracking and analyzing the full scope of social media becomes nearly an impossible task. Measurement mainly deals with tracking results, which shows how well the product is doing in the market. It shows the online popularity of the product by tracking the traffic driven to any particular site.


The ultimate aim of any social media marketing campaign is to increase the level of sales. All the guessing over the value of engagements comes to end when the marketers are in a position to establish a difference between a social media campaign and the sales. The globalization on the technological front has increased the reach of businesses throughout the world and this has added new dimensions to the social commerce capabilities. Incentives are highly important to the users; coupons, prizes and other measures can help create a positive image about your ways of working increasing your clientele.


The four Ms of social media marketing helps you develop a better understanding of the complexities related to the social media marketing campaigns. This helps you to develop and apply a strategic approach to a social media campaign.

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