Corporate Social Responsibility Guide

Companies have gradually accepted the relationship between good business policies and socially responsible business practices as obligatory today. A company perceived to be consciously accountable for the decisions it makes beyond the basic profit making is generally the one that is held in high regard among general public as well as its own employees.

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On the other hand, a company that is solely concerned about its own benefits and income with no sense of responsibility towards the society is more likely to attract the wrath of activist groups launching public campaigns against it, while simultaneously degrading its own image among the employees resulting in poor morale among them.
The best companies of today are increasingly devoting time and resources towards worthwhile social causes. Donating money for charities while encouraging employees to engage in socially responsible activities has become a visible trend among businesses and a majority now realizes that the ethical behavior of a company towards society is just as important as making profits. While these profits are vital to the functioning of the company and cannot be ignored, companies are aware that responding to social obligations can create higher standards of living for people within and outside the company.

It is interesting to note that CSR is a multifaceted concept, each side of the concept interdependent on the other, thus forming a sharply cornered cubicle.  One not only has to understand the legal consequences but also consider the growth […]

Businesses are investing a great lot of time, money and resources in fashioning social impact strategies to know what affect them the most. Business is an economic entity; however, it is still a part of larger social community setup. A

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of the larger business ethics that call for corporations to adhere to, and meet certain social responsibilities. It asks corporate houses to create self-regulatory mechanisms by incorporating ethical standards in the working and

Sustainability is the key of long term success for every business. Business owners have become aware of this fact and they are trying to implement ethical rules to make their organizations more eco-friendly. Even if you have never given eco-friendliness

The role of ethos and values in a business is as important in business, as it is in our routine lives. No one ever wants to be associated with unethical practices deliberately, circumstances drives them to being unethical more often.

Image of a company matters in the market as good reputation attract consumers and bad image can lead to loss of consumers. A company can improve its image through various ways and positive corporate social responsibilities play a significant role

By ethics, we refer to a set of standards and principles of conduct, which govern the actions of groups as well as individuals. Similarly, ethical behavior also relies on certain principals as well as values and covers actions of organizations,

Corporate responsibility is something that the company needs to carry throughout its life. It is directly related to the needs and requirements of the people or customers. Many companies promise so many things to their customers but do not complete

Social responsibility is the key thing that an organization has to consider more than profit maximization. The new marketing concept primary focuses on customer satisfaction then on profit maximization. Social responsibility is also a part of customer satisfaction and an

Corporate social responsibility is a term that is quite important nowadays and most organizations know about it who have the desire to demonstrate to others that they are aware of outcome of their actions on others. We also use many

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