9 Fastest Growing Careers and Industries to Consider

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Due to job growth being on the rise, you can now have look forward to many opportunities to choose from. Jobs are going to be available in many different sectors, many of which are comparatively new on the block. Experts, who have studied the current hiring scenario and also historical trends, are projecting a growth of jobs in 1in 3 industries. Many fastest-growing careers and industries do not require a bachelor’s degree, opening up the job market for those who don’t have any degree. Check out to see the fastest growing careers and industries you could consider:

Online retail

The online retail industry is expected to be the leader in the group by adding almost 32% jobs in the coming 5 years. This is almost one-third increase in this sector and you could easily land a job in online retail, as jobs in this sector would not require any high qualification. Almost everyone has shopped online at some point or other, and with many new online retailers selling everything from garments, food to medicines and furniture, this industry is the fastest growing industry today.

Interpretation and translation services

With the US making inroads in businesses in other countries, interpretation and translation services are also going to be required by US companies to help them understand the local languages in order to have better communication. If you know a second language, you could get a job as an interpreter or translator and even if you don’t, you could learn the foreign language which is most in demand and get a job in this industry, as this industry is predicted to grow by 28%.

Speech therapy /Physical/occupational/

If you’re a speech therapist or physiotherapist looking for work, the next five years are going to offer a lot of jobs as there is an expected increase of 25% in this sector. People trained in physical therapy would be in high demand as more and more people are suffering from problems due to spending long hours on the computer at their desk jobs, which require physiotherapy. Also, with people with high stress related to their occupation being on the rise, occupational therapists can also expect to see a rise of 25% in this sector.

Home healthcare services

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There is a larger number of aging population now than ever before. Many of the elderly do not want to go into old age homes and prefer to stay at home, and avail of health care services at home when required. Also, there is an increase in various kinds of diseases, with more people requiring healthcare services at home, which has led to an increase in jobs in this industry by 24%.

Retirement community centers

As mentioned before, the large increase in aging population has led to the increase of retirement centers, offering many facilities and serving across different economic strata, and you might find a well-paying job in this sector too, with a 24% increase.

Customer service centers and telemarketing bureaus

With most people preferring to do business online, there is a huge increase in customer contact call centers which are the point of contact to deal with any customer. Telemarketing is another industry which is going to see an increase of 20%. If you have good people skills, you can find a job in this industry easily.

Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting

You can have a career as a marketing consultant as many jobs are expected to open up in this area, an increase of 20%. So if you have good marketing skills you can be a marketing consultant.

Computer system design

Computer system designers will see an increase of 19% in their sector. If you’re good at systems analysis, systems engineering or systems architecture, you could take your pick from the huge number, almost 1,84,000 jobs that are going to be added to this industry.

Wildlife, conservation and environment

There will be a 19% increase in this industry as well, which is good news for you if you’re interested in pursuing a career in environment, wildlife or conservation.

The growth in business across all sectors, from IT services, therapy, healthcare and environment/conservation, marketing and so on, you can choose a career or an industry matching your skills and have a job which can help you forge a stable career.

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