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Your product description has to be engaging and communicative. It has to grab the customer and make him/her click on the all-important ‘Add to cart’ button. A poorly written product description will be ineffective and you will lose your sale. And if the description is enticing enough, maybe your customer will even opt for priority shipping to get it as soon as possible! Writing product descriptions goes way beyond just informing the customer about the product – it’s about drawing them in and making the all important sale:

7 Tips for writing product descriptions that will sell your product

1.     Write target specific product descriptions
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Generic descriptions aiming at no one in particular are not attractive enough. You have to define the target audience to write better descriptions. If you do that, you will be able to highlight the features of the product which will appeal to the target demographic. It would be great if you have the information about how he/she landed on your webpage for online store. If the product is targeted at young people of both genders then the description has to be according to that, and how would your product benefit them the most.

With the help of Google Analytics, which is one of the easiest ways to find out your target audience, you can write target oriented product description in marketing your products. Write keeping in mind cultural preferences and lifestyle preferences as well.

2.     Take note of the buyer’s interest

organic derived itemWhile writing product descriptions, you have to keep in mind the interests of the buyer. The product description in marketing should take into consideration the particular interests, for example, if the item is an organic derived item, or something which is decorative and eco-friendly, your target audience could be those who are interested in natural products made without using chemicals.

In order to get the customer for online store, the copy has to be crisp and detail all the environment friendly aspects, including the remedial values if any. Your product might help to purify the indoor air, so that aspect has to be focused on more than the color, shape size etc. Explain the benefits of pure air for health and how the product will benefit the health of the residents.

3.     Focus on product benefits

Focus on product benefitsWhile writing product descriptions, you have to put forward all the benefits to the buyer. A simple basic T-shirt probably has the advantage of being soft and comfortable as well as being affordable. Just writing about the color will not attract the customer. But writing about how the T-shirt/product would improve the customer’s life will draw him/her in and you will sell the product.

4.     Use the right words

Use the right wordsThere are words and words. Your words have to be the magic charm. For every product and product category, the words will be different. If your target audience if female and in the twenties, you cannot use the same language for a male buyer base.

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The words used for writing product descriptions for online store depends on context too. If you’re selling an alarm system, you have to address fear, and elaborate on it. You can balance that by using words like secure, safe and confidence to balance the ‘fear’ copy.

Basically, you have to identify the problem, and then explain how your product is the solution to that problem.

However, you can’t use the fear approach if you are selling valuable jewelry! Then you have to appeal to the buyer’s sense of beauty and use words like stunning, gorgeous, trendy etc.

According to Smartblogger, there is a whole list of ‘power’ words – amazing, uplifting, audacity, excited, devoted, triumph, valor, happy, sensational, staggering, heart, hope, delight, wonderful – you get the drift.

These words can fill the buyer with excitement and make him buy the product instantly.

5.     Pretend it’s your friend you’re trying to convince

use money wiselyOne of the best ways to write better product descriptions is to pretend that you’re for someone you’re close to. You would always like your dear friend or relative to have the best of everything and use their money wisely. You will tell them about the ways the product would benefit them, and how they would feel about it. It’s all about them!

You have to use ‘you’ and not I, we or us, as these makes the product about you and not the buyer. In product descriptions, you must use ‘you’ as you have to address the customer.

The use of natural tone and language matters a great deal. The customer has to feel that a friend is talking to him, and having a real conversation. A lifeless description which has no interesting content or fails to touch the emotions of the buyer is not at all the desirable product description.

You can talk about the people who made the product, about the amazing raw ingredients, and the process of making it.

6.     Tell the whole story

relevant product detailsWhen you are writing product descriptions, you have to depict the whole picture, or write a complete story. A good description must give all the relevant product details, convince about the benefits. Don’t forget to write the emotions, as emotions influence the behavior of the buyer.

You have to make them experience how they would feel about the product. Tap into the deeper emotions, which might hit their secret longings or dreams. For example, you can sell a skincare cream by writing that it would make them feel like a beauty queen!

Stories have emotions and create connections. Your story should make your customer feel a part of the community, and give a story which they can relate to.

7.     Provide testimonials

sharing reviewIt’s a given that you love your own product. More than oozing with your love, while writing product descriptions, you have to project the love your customers have for it. Post testimonials and customer reviews, which is a big selling factor. If possible, include an image in the testimonial to make it more effective.

For, phones, computers, clothing etc, you have to give the specs. People have to know the memory they’re getting, and the waist size and length of the jeans. But never elaborate on the working tech or else your customer will be as bored as you are and leave the page. Keeping it simple and reading time to about 10 seconds will win that all-important customer for you.

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