6 Ways public speaking boosts your brand authority

public speaking boosts your brand authority
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Many small businesses and freelancers tend to take the long route and spend quite a lot of money in promoting their brand via marketing. However, most of them tend to miss out on one very simple marketing tool that can help boost brand authority without costing much (in fact, not costing anything at all).

This marketing tool which in most cases, is overlooked or ignored due to fear, is public speaking. While many may shun owing to the fear of stepping up and speaking about their band in front of an audience, here are the potential benefits public speaking has on a brand’s name and reputation in the long run.

The Myriad Benefits of Public Speaking

  1. It helps others keep your name and business in mind

Public speaking allows a business to connect with the target audience on a whole new level altogether. Many hours after the doors close and the lights turn out, people will still be talking about your brand. Depending on how successful the presentation went, you can be rest assured that your brand name and recognition enjoys a wider reach afterwards.

  1. It helps you present yourself as an expert

Maybe you are knowledgeable about something. However, no one will tend to know about it until you step up and demonstrate this knowledge. Public speaking helps you present yourself as an expert on the topics that you are knowledgeable about. This in turn helps you establish yourself as a need to know authority in that specific field in the industry.

  1. It helps you network

Public speaking is not always about talking for hours on end. It also involves interacting with the audience and encouraging their participation in your presentation. Some might agree with your viewpoints while others may challenge them. In any case, you end up engaging with people in a meaningful way. This in turn will allow you to make new connections along the way. It will also help you gain new insights into your area of expertise so that you gain a more knowledge of the topic.

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  1. It makes your brand more personal

Building a rapport with the audience is an essential part of public speaking. It allows you to make a personal connection with future clients and customers. Thus, when the time comes for them to make a decision regarding your business, they will turn to you for help. The trust and confidence they place in you during this period can only be achieved by making a personal connection via public speaking.

  1. It helps increase your online and offline presence

Don’t expect the audience to simply listen to your talk and walk away. Chances are more than a few of them will talk about your presentation while many others will record it and post it online. Providing the content of your presentation was good and you put it forward in a pleasing manner, expect your online presence to improve significantly, a factor which will directly reflect in your offline presence as well.

  1. It helps keep your clients informed

Public speaking is all about promoting your brand name and value to prospective clients and customers. Those attending your presentation will most likely be interested in what you have to say as well as what your brand has to offer. By providing them with the necessary information (some of which may not always be available on your company website as well), you are keeping your clients well informed. You can also address any concerns or issues clients have with regards to your business. This helps the latter make an informed choice later on when choosing your business over others.

Public speaking although overlooked, happens to be one of the most powerful business marketing tools in the industry. It stands as a cost effective fail proof way to reach out to a wider target audience and promote your business on a large scale.

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